MTL – Mason Toye 3’ (Zachary Brault-Guillard) 

MTL – Romell Quioto 24’ (Joel Waterman) 

TFC – Mark Delgado 44’ (PK) 

MTL – Victor Wanyama 54’ (Mustafa Kizza) 

MTL – Djordje Mihailovic 71’ (Erik Hurtado) 

TFC – Richie Laryea 88’ (Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty) 


TFC – Michael Bradley 18’ (caution) 

TFC – Ralph Priso 45’+1 (caution) 

MTL – Victor Wanyama 67’ (caution) 


Toronto FC       0-1-0    0 points 

CF Montréal      1-0-0    3 points 


TORONTO FC – Alex Bono; Richie Laryea, Omar González, Luke Singh, Auro Jr.; Michael Bradley (C), Ralph Priso (Liam Fraser 59’), Mark Delgado (Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty 76’), Noble Okello (Nick DeLeon HT), Jacob Shaffelburg (Justin Morrow 59’); Patrick Mullins (Jordan Perruzza HT) 

Substitutes Not Used: Quentin Westberg, Eriq Zavaleta, Griffin Dorsey, Tsubasa Endoh 

CF MONTRÉAL – Clément Diop; Joel Waterman, Rudy Camacho, Kamal Miller; Zachary Brault-Guillard, Samuel Piette (C), Victor Wanyama, Mustafa Kizza (Aljaž Struna 79’), Djordje Mihailovic (Amar Sejdič 79’); Romell Quioto (Bjørn Johnsen 69’), Mason Toye (Erik Hurtado 57’) 

Substitutes Not Used: James Pantemis, Zorhan Bassong, Clément Bayiha, Emanuel Maciel, Joaquín Torres 


  • Luke Singh made his MLS debut and first MLS start for Toronto FC. 
  • Noble Okello made his first MLS start for Toronto FC. 
  • Jordan Perruzza made his MLS debut for Toronto FC. 
  • Richie Laryea scored a goal in the team’s MLS season opener for the second consecutive season (February 29, 2020, against San Jose Earthquakes) 
  • Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty registered his first assist for Toronto FC. 


Q. I wonder if you can give us your thoughts on the team’s performance today, and I guess in particular, about the goals that were conceded.  

Well, look, I would say that our team has experienced in just a few days, maybe the highest and the lowest. It quiet in that locker room, much different from a few nights ago and, yeah, in some ways it will be good for our team to feel what that’s like and for all of our players to understand that it’s not just about showing up because you’re Toronto FC, and it comes easy, just because.  

Look, when you look at the game, I think the starting point is we just finished second all day long. Start with the coaching, the tools, tackles, coming in second all day long. You know, in moments we look like we are out here for a pass, right, just not good enough. And when you’re not good enough against a team that can hurt you in transition, that’s what it looks like, right. We knew that. We knew that no matter which structure we played, transition would be their thing and with some speed and we played into their hands. I think you could see that in three of the goals, you know, its transition moments, some bad giveaways, losing the race down the field and the set piece. We clawed our way back in, 2-1, made a push and fell short. But on the day, not good enough.  

Q. We know you don’t like to make excuses, but do you think fatigue came into play at all in the match, how you played on we had night, hot again, that kind of thing?  

No. I think we just weren’t ready for the match. We’re not ready for the match. We knew that we could push guys certain minutes, we knew we had reserves, we could go to them quicker, but on nights like this or days like this, what was stalked about is — is although we can play with 90 minutes intensity physically, that we have the intensity in our minds. The times we can be intense physically, we do it and other moments, with the ball, without the ball, we can have recharging periods and still the intensity at our minds could be at a high level.  

So, no, I’m sure, I’m sure Montréal was tired, too, today, in moments. We’re not accepting that as the reason.  

Q. What did Montréal do right, do you think? How did they sort of get at it today and sort of make life difficult for you guys?  

I think they took their chances well. I think they were dangerous in transition. They forced some mistakes and with the ball they moved us around a bit and we chased too many back passes which is something that as we grow as a team and we want to be a pressing team, we have resetting moments and moments where it’s not time to go. 

But they opened us up at times and we expended a lot of energy chasing in moment that is we shouldn’t have and overall, they executed without the ball and with the ball especially in transition. 

Q. Tough matchup, but is there any silver lining you can take from a loss like this? 

There’s always information. That’s the silver lining, you find out where we’re at, and you know, on our way to becoming a great team. We’re on our way to understand days like, this how to show up and as you are fatigued and like that, all the things that become important against a team like that, right.  

It’s a derby match. It’s opening day. We understood where they could be dangerous, and yeah, we gathered information. It’s especially valuable for young players that are out there to understand these types of games, right. When things are tougher or different types of stock positions.  

So, there’s certainly value, and I think on the inside, that I think the silver lining may be as a coach and even for a team, as we see Ayo stick to it. We had a play early on that gets away from him but he’s the one sliding and running back 60, 70 yards to put out a fire, Omar Gonzalez, Michael, still pushing late.  

So, we are a team that understands we don’t get too high, and we don’t get too hoe. One thing for sure, we don’t give in. We don’t quit. We don’t give in and the third goal is there, and we had a couple of big chances, and it could have got interesting on a day when our good stuff didn’t show up. But we don’t quit. We learned that today for sure.  

Q. A couple of valuable minutes at the end for Jahkeele, picks up his first assist. Maybe did he do enough to warrant some more minutes from you next time and what did you see from the young man? 

We saw today and what we’ve seen in training, he’s clever and tidy and in interior spots, he’s very shifty and elegant with the ball. He helped build some promising attacks, and yeah, I thought it was important to get him out there and not just for the experience.  

I know I wasn’t the only crazy one thinking we are going to score the first one and next ones are going to follow. I think he had a good relationship with Richie out there, and with Richie overlapping, he had some really good moments.  

But Jahkeele, he’s shown some good moments in training. He earned those minutes today.  

Q. You’re missing some important pieces like Pozuelo, Mavinga, Altidore. Will you have them back for the next game? 

It looks like we’ll have a few of our reinforcements, if you will, back for the next game. And that will be good for those players, good for our team, and each day, it seems like every few days we are getting healthier, we’re getting stronger, yeah. We’ll get back to full strength real soon.  

Q. Luke Singh, big occasion for him, especially coming off the Champions League sort of on display in mid-week in his MLS debut tonight. What did you make of his performance overall? Are there still learnings there and growth to be made? 

I think we know, yeah, there’s so much — our veteran players will still learn and grow. Imagine a player like Luke, we’ve thrown a lot at him. We discussed not starting him today because it could be a lot for a young player early on, but we wanted to expose him to this type of game, and he held up in many ways, he did. It’s just a big challenge on the day as we had to put out a lot of fires in transition. So, with two strikers, with good moments, with quickness that he’s dealing with all year long, I think he’s growing quickly.  

So, it’s a couple of really difficult games, you know, that he’s had to face, but I think it will pay dividends for him moving forward.  

Q. Three different games in short order, a lot of valuable information for you to go over. What do you do with that as you look ahead to the next match? 

Like always, this is when we played a USL team in preseason, and now that we play our opener and even Leon, we look hard at ourselves. We look at video. We just assess individual performances, collective performances, keep implementing. It’s still early for us. It’s still early for us. We need time to all get on the same page and understand what it takes to be a team, what it takes to play a certain way, to understand all the details and nuances of when you have the ball and you don’t, when you lose the ball, when you win it, yeah, so what does the next week look like, we get home, we take some rest, it’s been a tough stretch, we take some rest and we look hard and we put it right back to work. That’s what this team is about. When we get right back to work in a real way, and it requires taking a hard look.  

But that one’s passed us. It’s passed us. We’ll be looking forward after a few days of rest.  


Q. Obviously a tough day, tough result. Wanted to get your thoughts on the performance, what you thought of the effort from the team.  

Yeah, I mean, look, it’s a frustrating day. We never really gave ourselves a chance with the way we started the game. I mean, obviously we spoke a lot before the game about understanding that — we knew we would be playing a team that’s motivated for their first game this season. Obviously, the fact that we have played two Champions League games means that, yeah, in some ways, we have a little bit of match rhythm under our belt. But that doesn’t count for something when the whistle blows today.  

Like I said, it’s a frustrating day because for me, you know, we never really gave ourselves a chance in the game, and on a day like this, you know, with all the — with all the factors that go into it where, you know, you find yourselves behind 1-0, a hundred seconds into the game and from there, you’re chasing.  

Q. I’m not sure any of those four goals — happy to be conceded. If you could sum up what went wrong in general? 

Oh, we are not happy to concede any goals. So obviously, yeah, the frustration to give away four is big. Yeah, obviously, it’s nothing new but you have to understand that when you play teams on certain days, they are going to be looking to take advantage of the fact that we want to play in their half and we want to be aggressive in how we play and also how we — how we, you know, close down our ability to be good with the ball and to not — to not give battles away. But then our ability to be — our ability to put out fires and our ability to react and counter press quickly, all these things get put under the microscope. Obviously on a day like today, we are just not good enough. That’s as simple a way to say it as there is.  

Q. A lot has been thrown at Luke Singh in the last couple of weeks. What can you say about the young man and how he’s risen to the challenge? 

He’s done really well, really well. They have all continued to grow. They continue to come in every day with the right mentality. They continue to push themselves and listen. Yeah, listen to the — listen to the coaching staff, listen to their teammates. They have personality, they are not afraid and so I think they have all taken big steps forward in the last, you know — in the last few weeks, but really, the entire preseason and many of them going into the end of last season.  

So you know, we are going to continue to push these guys and move them forward, and obviously Luke has done a really good job in the last few days being ready when he was called on, you know, and now for all of them, it’s continuing to use the experiences in training, in games and continue to push themselves forward.  

But we are really, really happy.  

Q. Jahkeele picks up his first assist as a professional if I’m not mistaken tonight on Richie’s late goal there. As a player who has been linked with some pretty big name clubs, what’s your message to a guy like that and what have you seen from him in this preseason? 

Well, continuing with what I just said, all of these guys are doing a really good job. They have to just continue to come every day ready to work, ready to — ready to commit to what we are doing, enjoy the — enjoy the part about just being ready to go for it every single day. You know, to push themselves with how they train, to listen, to take in information, to not be afraid when they get their chances to show their personality.  

So, you know, whether it’s Jahkeele or Ralph or Noble, Luke, Jacob, Liam, go down the line, the message and encouragement for all of them is the same in that regard.  

Q. An off-field question if I may. As you know, things are not going very well up here with COVID-19. I’m wondering if you’ve been able to get your family down to Florida, and if more of your teammates are looking to bring their loved ones down given what’s happening north of the border? 

Yes, my family got down two days ago as I mentioned. Everybody’s plan was slightly different. Had schools stayed open and had things been relatively normal there, the idea for my wife and kids was to be around there and to, you know, let the kids enjoy being in school every day, be with their friends, activities.  

But obviously with the way things have played out over the last few weeks, we wanted to just, you know, use the opportunity to be together as a family again. So they were able to get down in the last day or two. And I think, again, everybody’s situation is slightly different, but you know, when all said and done, I think a good number of guys will try to get their families down here at one point or another.  




            Toronto FC’s complete 2021 Major League Soccer regular season schedule was released Wednesday by MLS ahead of the upcoming season.

           The Reds will open the 15th season in club history on Saturday, April 17 at 2:00 p.m. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as the away team in a match against 401 Derby rivals Club de Foot Montreal. TFC will play what will be considered their first home match a week later at Exploria Stadium in Orlando, Florida, when they play Vancouver Whitecaps FC at 3:00 p.m.

During the 2021 season, Toronto FC is slated to play 34 regular season matches, with 19 on Saturdays, eight on Wednesdays, one on Friday and four on Sunday. All of Toronto FC’s regular season MLS matches will be televised across Canada on TSN. Additionally, four Saturday afternoon matches will be televised nationally by CTV.

As the MLS season begins, the league’s three Canadian teams will begin play in surrogate cities in the United States, with Toronto playing its home matches in Florida. Venues for home matches are subject to change, based on the Covid-19 situation in Canada and the US. 

For the complete 2020 MLS Regular Season schedule visit

Saturday, April 17 Club de Foot MontrealFort Lauderdale2:00 PMTSN, CTV, TVA, TVAS
Saturday, April 24 Vancouver WhitecapsOrlando3:00 PMTSN, CTV 
Saturday, May 8 New York Red BullsRBNY1:00 PMTSN
Wednesday, May 12Columbus Crew SCOrlando7:00 PMTSN
Saturday, May 15 New York City FCNew York1:00 PMTSN, CTV
Saturday, May 22 Orlando CityOrlando7:00 PMTSN
Saturday, May 29 Columbus Crew SCColumbus3:00 PMTSN, CTV
Saturday, June 19 Orlando CityTBD7:30 PMTSN
Wednesday, June 23 Nashville SCNashville8:30 PMTSN
Saturday, June 26 FC CincinnatiTBD7:00 PMTSN
Saturday, July 3D.C. UnitedDC5:30 PMTSN
Wednesday, July 7 New England RevolutionNew England7:00 PMTSN
Saturday, July 17 Orlando CityTBD7:30 PMTSN
Wednesday, July 21 New York Red BullsTBD7:30 PMTSN
Saturday, July 24 Chicago Fire FCChicago8:00 PMTSN
Sunday, August 1 Nashville SCTBD7:30 PMTSN
Wednesday, August 4 Philadelphia UnionPhiladelphia7:30 PMTSN
Saturday, August 7 New York City FCTBD8:00 PMTSN
Saturday, August 14 New England RevolutionTBD8:00 PMTSN
Wednesday, August 18 Atlanta United FCAtlanta7:00 PMTSN
Saturday, August 21 Inter Miami FCMiamiTBDTSN
Friday, August 27 Club de Foot MontrealTBD7:30 PMTSN, TVAS
Saturday, September 11 FC CincinnatiCincinnati8:00 PMTSN
Tuesday, September 14 Inter Miami FCTBD7:30 PMTSN
Saturday, September 18 Nashville SCTBD7:30 PMTSN
Saturday, September 25 Colorado RapidsColorado8:00 PMTSN
Wednesday, September 29 FC CincinnatiTBD7:00 PMTSN
Sunday, October 3 Chicago Fire FCTBD4:00 PMTSN
Saturday, October 16 Atlanta United FCTBD7:30 PMTSN
Wednesday, October 20 Inter Miami FCMiamiTBDTSN
Saturday, October 23 Club de Foot MontrealTBDTBDTSN, TVAS
Wednesday, October 27 Philadelphia UnionTBD7:30 PMTSN
Saturday, October 30 Atlanta United FCAtlanta6:00 PMTSN
Sunday, November 7 D.C. UnitedTBD3:30 PMTSN




Toronto FC announced today that general manager Ali Curtis has been signed to a multi-year contract extension.

“We are thrilled to have Ali signed to a new contract,” said Toronto FC President Bill Manning. “I’m a big believer in stability and Ali has proved during his two seasons with the club that he’s a talented executive and a tireless worker. We have a great working relationship and I look forward to continuing our work to improve TFC in every way.”

During Curtis’ two seasons with TFC, the club has won an Eastern Conference title (2019) and finished second in the Supporters’ Shield race (2020). Included in his body of work, Curtis was instrumental in the signing of Designated Player Alejandro Pozuelo, the 2020 Landon Donovan MLS Most Valuable Player, and has overseen the signing of numerous TFC Academy players to first team contracts. He has also been a leading voice within Major League Soccer in its efforts towards greater diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“I am happy about extending my contract with Toronto FC,” Curtis said. “It’s a great club that resides in an incredible community. I am both honoured and appreciative of the support from ownership and MLSE Leadership and I can’t thank Bill Manning enough for his belief in me. I am excited about all of the work we have in front of us, in order to achieve our collective goals.”

Curtis joined Toronto FC after serving as sporting director for the New York Red Bulls. During his time with the Red Bulls, he oversaw the club win the 2015 MLS Supporters’ Shield and finish with the best record in the Eastern Conference in 2016. Curtis also helped establish NYRB II the club’s USL team to continue the development of players from the academy through to the first team. In the club’s second season, NYRB II captured both the Regular Season Title and the 2016 USL Cup.

Prior to joining the Red Bulls, Curtis worked in the MLS league office for eight years and held the position of senior director of player relations and competition. From 2004 to 2007, Curtis worked for JP Morgan as an analyst in its Chicago and Los Angeles offices. As a player, Curtis was awarded the M.A.C. Hermann Trophy as the top male collegiate soccer player in the United States in 1999. He also won the M.A.C. Player of the Year in 2000 and remains Duke University’s all-time leader in goals scored with 53. Curtis was drafted second overall in the 2001 MLS SuperDraft, where he played for the Tampa Bay Mutiny, D.C. United and Dallas through 2004.




“During mandatory testing as part of preseason training, multiple members of the Toronto FC team delegation tested positive for COVID-19. As a precaution, club personnel are currently isolating and TFC has discontinued training until contact tracing and follow-up testing has been conducted. The club will continue to follow, and strictly enforce, all health and safety protocols, and is working with Toronto Public Health to ensure the players return to training as soon as is safely possible. Toronto FC will provide further updates later in the week as additional information becomes available.” 




Toronto FC announced today that the club will make Florida its home base for the start of the Major League Soccer season.

The Reds will use the facilities at the Omni Resort at ChampionsGate in Orlando for training and depending on the MLS schedule dates, could play their home matches in both Orlando and Tampa.  The length of TFC’s stay in Florida will be contingent upon health and safety regulations as borders re-open in Canada.

“We are unable to make BMO Field in Toronto our home for the start of the MLS Season,” said TFC general manager Ali Curtis. “But we will continue to work with local and federal officials to monitor the situation back home and return as soon as possible.”

Details of the 2021 Major League Soccer schedule will be announced at a later date.




Toronto FC announced today that defender Eriq Zavaleta has been re-signed to a new contract through 2021 with an option for the 2022 season.

“Eriq is another veteran who’s given a lot to the club,” said Toronto FC General Manager Ali Curtis. “This is a big year for Eriq. He comes to the training ground every day ready to work and is a great role model as an all-around professional for our young players.”

Zavaleta, 28, is entering his seventh season with Toronto FC and ninth in Major League Soccer (MLS). He was originally acquired in a trade with Seattle Sounders FC on January 26, 2015. Zavaleta has made 136 combined appearances, with two goals and two assists over six seasons for the Reds. Zavaleta is one of 12 players to have made 100 appearances or more and currently ranks eighth all-time in club history on that list. Zavaleta was part of the Reds 2017 Treble winning season (MLS Cup, Supporters’ Shield, Canadian Championship), and has been part of two additional Canadian Championship winning teams (2016, 2018) with TFC.

TRANSACTION: Toronto FC re-sign defender Eriq Zavaleta to a new contract.




Toronto FC announced today that defender Justin Morrow has been re-signed to a new contract through the 2021 season.

“Justin has been a fixture with TFC and it’s great to have him signed,” said Toronto FC General Manager Ali Curtis. “His versatility on the field, veteran presence in the locker room and overall leadership on and off the field have been critical for the club for a long time and we’re thrilled that will continue.”

Morrow, 33, is entering his eighth season with Toronto FC and 12th in Major League Soccer (MLS). Morrow has made 229 combined appearances, scoring 17 goals and 19 assists for Toronto FC. Morrow currently ranks second in all-time club appearances and is one of three players to have made 200 appearances or more for the club (Jonathan Osorio and Michael Bradley). Morrow was part of the Reds 2017 Treble winning season (MLS Cup, Supporters’ Shield, Canadian Championship), and has been part of two additional Canadian Championship winning teams (2016, 2018) with TFC. In 2017, Morrow was named to the MLS Best XI, where he scored a career-high eight goals in league play that season, including the first hat-trick of his career on September 30 in a 4-2 win over the New York Red Bulls at BMO Field. For his career, Morrow has made 275 combined appearances (MLS regular season and MLS Cup playoffs) scoring 19 goals and 27 assists with Toronto FC and the San Jose Earthquakes. Morrow was originally acquired in a trade with the San Jose Earthquakes on December 16, 2013.

Morrow was named executive director of Black Players for Change (BPC) following the organization’s launch on June 19, 2020. BPC were named the 2020 MLS WORKS Humanitarian of the Year award winners in December.

TRANSACTION: Toronto FC re-sign defender Justin Morrow to a new contract.




Toronto FC announced today that Pierre Barrieu has been named the club’s Director of High Performance.

“Pierre brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our club having worked at the highest levels of the game,” said Toronto FC General Manager Ali Curtis. “Excited about the positive impact he will have on our team’s overall health, fitness and conditioning.”

Barrieu, the former strength and conditioning coach for the United States Men’s National Team, most recently worked with the LA Galaxy as their director of high performance. Barrieu began his coaching career at the University of Virginia in 1999, holding a dual role as an assistant coach and strength and conditioning coach with the men’s soccer program. He then joined US Soccer as head fitness coach for the National Team, Olympic team and U-20 team in 2002 and remained until 2007. After one season at New York Red Bulls, Barrieu re-joined the U.S. National Team in 2008 and remained through 2011. During this time with the National Team, Barrieu was part of the staff at three FIFA World Cup’s (2002, 2006, 2010), five Concacaf Gold Cups (2002, 2003, 2005, 2009, 2011), two U-20 World Cups (2003, 2005) and two FIFA Confederations Cup’s (2003, 2009). He then joined the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) Football Association as the head fitness coach for the Men’s National Team then as an assistant coach with the U-19 team. In 2014, Barrieu held the position of director of high performance for English side, Sheffield Wednesday F.C. and later joined Norwegian club, Stabaek Fotball as a senior consultant. From there, he joined French club, Le Havre AC as the director of high performance (2015-16) and then as head fitness coach for Swansea City A.F.C. (2016-17). Following his time in Europe, Barrieu joined the LA Galaxy in 2017.

“I think that joining TFC is a great opportunity. The organization is known to be one of the very best in MLS and I am looking forward to keep building a winning culture, optimizing the performance structure while taking advantage of the wealth of resources MLSE provide,” said Toronto FC Director of High Performance Pierre Barrieu.

In addition to his extensive experience at the club and national team level, Barrieu also serves as a High Performance Expert and instructor with FIFA since 2014. He holds two “A” coaching licences from UEFA (FFF) and the U.S. Soccer Federation.


Armas to coach TFC


Toronto FC announced today that Chris Armas has been named the 10th head coach in club history.

“I could not be more excited to join a club with Toronto FC’s level of excellence and winning tradition and I will work tirelessly to uphold those standards,” said Toronto FC Head Coach Chris Armas. “I’m grateful to Mr. Tanenbaum and to Bill Manning and Ali Curtis for their belief in me and for giving me this opportunity. As an opposing coach I felt the passion the fans and supporters bring to BMO Field. It is next level. I can’t wait to put a team on the field that will not only make them proud with the way we play, but also with the way we run, battle and compete every minute of every game.”

Armas, 48, joins Toronto FC after most recently serving as the head coach of the New York Red Bulls. Armas took over the Red Bulls on July 6, 2018 and finished that season with a record of 12-3-3, leading the Red Bulls to the 2018 Supporters’ Shield and an appearance in the Eastern Conference Finals. He departed the Red Bulls on September 4, 2020 with a record of 33-27-11 in all competitions while his teams averaged 1.61 points per game, (7th best all-time, minimum 50 MLS games managed). Armas originally served as an assistant coach under Jesse Marsch from 2015 until he took over head coaching duties following Marsch’s departure. In Marsch and Armas’ first season with the Red Bulls, the club won the 2015 Supporters’ Shield.

“Chris has an excellent winning pedigree and is a fiery, competitive guy who wants his teams to play on the front foot. He is the right fit to build upon the foundation that’s been established at TFC,” said Toronto FC President Bill Manning. “Our fans are going to love his intensity and how that’s going to translate into our team’s style of play for years to come.”

As a player, Armas is regarded as one of the best defensive midfielders in MLS history. He played 12 years in the league, two with the LA Galaxy and 10 with the Chicago Fire. With the expansion Fire in 1998, Armas was a linchpin as Chicago won the MLS Cup and U.S. Open Cup double in their first season. During his decade long run in Chicago, Armas was a part of teams that won an MLS Cup (1998), the 2003 Supporters’ Shield and four Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cups (1998, 2000, 2003, 2006).

Armas is one of only five players in league history to have been named to the MLS Best XI five times (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003). He was a six-time MLS All-Star (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004) and was named the 2003 MLS Comeback Player of the Year. Armas earned 66 caps for the U.S. National Team and won two Concacaf Gold Cups (2002, 2005). He was named U.S. Soccer’s Male Athlete of the Year in 2000.

“During my career, I have been fortunate to have had the experience of interacting with football professionals both domestic and abroad. The integrity, authenticity, and professionalism that Chris possesses is unmatched when I think of professionals in the game. Having gone through this process before, I know that Chris will be an excellent coach for the club. While I have known Chris over the years, during the interview process, he conveyed perspective, vision, and coaching qualities, which solidified our belief in him as the top candidate,” said Toronto FC General Manager Ali Curtis. “I am excited about his intensity, passion, tactics, and way of teaching. The resources and support that we will provide to Chris will be different than his previous roles, which we know will be beneficial to his vision and our success. There has never been a moment in the history of sports like we are in now. We are a team that strives to win championships, and Chris is the ideal coach to lead us now, and in the future.”

Armas’ coaching staff will be announced at a later date.

MLS Cup will cap a turbulent 25th anniversary season — San Gabriel Valley Tribune

The 2020 Major League Soccer season was going to be a special one as the league was set to celebrate its 25th anniversary. What transpired was a season that will never be forgotten throughout the next 25 years of the league. “When we began 2020, it was supposed to be a yearlong recognition, something we…

MLS Cup will cap a turbulent 25th anniversary season — San Gabriel Valley Tribune



Major League Soccer (MLS) announced today that Toronto FC midfielder Alejandro Pozuelo has been named the 2020 Landon Donovan MLS Most Valuable Player.

“I am honoured to be named MLS MVP,” said Pozuelo. “I want to thank my teammates and our coaching staff as this individual award shows we had a very good season. I am happy to be able to celebrate this award with my wife, my kids and all my friends here in Spain.”

Pozuelo, 29, becomes the second player in Toronto FC history to be named the league’s MVP, following Sebastian Giovinco who won the award in 2015. This season, Pozuelo scored 9 goals and added 10 assists, leading the league in combined goals and assists. He also led MLS in chances created (70) and game-winning goals (5) while becoming the first player in TFC history to start in every regular season match in a season. Toronto FC posted a record of 9-1-4 when Pozuelo scored and/or had an assist this season.

“Congratulations to Alejandro on being awarded the highest of honours in MLS,” said Toronto FC President Bill Manning. “Since joining our club in 2019 Alejandro’s contributions on the field and in the locker room have been incredible. This year he emerged as one of our leaders and was the chief catalyst as our team finished with the second-highest points per game in the league. This is a well-deserved MVP award for Alejandro.”

Pozuelo was named the MLS Player of the Month for September, as he scored four goals and added two assists across six matches. In addition, Pozuelo was named to the MLS Team of the Week on five occasions (MLS is Back Round 1, Round 2, Week 6, Week 7 & 8 combined, Week 15). Last month, Pozuelo was named to his second consecutive MLS Best XI (2019, 2020), becoming the third player in club history to be named to the Best XI on multiple occasions.

“Poz had a great season, and we are very happy that he is receiving this award,” said Toronto FC General Manager Ali Curtis. “We also believe that while the MVP is given to one, it is an award that is reflective of the group. This year was challenging in so many ways, but Poz is a competitor, he’s passionate about the game, and he is more than deserving of this award.”

Signed as a Designated Player on March 4, 2019, Pozuelo has made 61 appearances for Toronto FC, scoring 23 goals and 25 assists, in all competitions. In addition, Pozuelo converted 11 of 12 penalty kicks over the course of the past two seasons.


An inside look at Austin FC’s new soccer stadium — KXAN Austin

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin FC is scheduled to start their inaugural season in Major League Soccer in Spring 2021, but before they can do that they have to finish their new stadium. On Tuesday, the club opened their doors for a look at the progress they have made. RELATED: Austin FC begins construction on ‘state-of-the-art’…

An inside look at Austin FC’s new soccer stadium — KXAN Austin