TOR – Jesús Jiménez 14’ (Alejandro Pozuelo, Jonathan Osorio)

CLB – Lucas Zelarayán 56’ (Derrick Etienne, Steven Moreira)

CLB – Derrick Etienne 65’ (Jonathan Mensah, Lucas Zelarayán)


CLB – Jonathan Mensah 29’ (caution)

TOR – Jayden Nelson 64’ (caution)

TOR – Ralph Priso 79’ (caution)

CLB – Luis Díaz 82’ (caution)

CLB – Artur 84’ (caution)


Toronto FC                   0-2-1                1 point

Columbus Crew            2-0-1                7 points


TORONTO FC – Alex Bono; Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty (Ifunanyachi Achara 12’, Ralph Priso 55’), Michael Bradley (C), Lukas MacNaughton, Kadin Chung; Noble Okello (Kosi Thompson 82’), Jonathan Osorio, Jayden Nelson (Jordan Perruzza 82’), Alejandro Pozuelo, Luca Petrasso; Jesús Jiménez.

Substitutes Not Used: Greg Ranjitsingh, Quentin Westberg, Shane O’Neill

COLUMBUS CREW – Eloy Room; Steven Moreira, Jonathan Mensah (C), Miloš Degenek, Pedro Santos; Artur, Darlington Nagbe, Yaw Yeboah (Luis Díaz 53’), Lucas Zelarayán, Derrick Etienne; Miguel Berry (Gyasi Zardes 68’).

Substitutes Not Used: Evan Bush, Jalil Anibaba, Will Sands, Marlon Hairston, Alexandru Mățan, Aidan Morris, James Igbekeme


  • Lukas MacNaughton and Kadin Chung made their first MLS starts for Toronto FC.
  • Kosi Thompson made his debut for Toronto FC.


Once again, it seemed like there were lots of good things from your team today. But no reward. What did you think of the performance?

I thought we started well. Some good control. Some very good ways of moving the ball quickly, moving forward, creating some chances.

First goal, very well done by Ale and then Noble moving into the box. I thought as the half continued that we still had a couple of good chances to get the second goal. But I thought there were some periods, some moments as the half went on where the sharpness of our passing and the ability to move the ball quickly and have a little bit more control started to get a little bit away from us.

And then some of that continued into the second half. At that point you’re trying to just get a little bit more control. Hold onto the lead. We allow a ball then that gets whipped across — turned loose at the backside. And Zelarayán does a very good job finishing. And then disappointing on a second phase of a lateral free kick for the second goal. So that’s still an area where we’ve got to improve ourselves.

What was your take on that yellow against Jayden Nelson, which ultimately led to a free kick and Columbus goal? You guys looked like you might have been running out of gas a little bit in the second half. Was that a turning point? And what is your take on the call?

I need to see it again, and it’s far away from me. But at first I thought Jayden had actually gone through and won the ball and that in some way that happened first. So I was surprised by the call and the yellow card.

When we spoke to you earlier this week, you talked about one of the things you were looking for is for your team to do a little bit more to create chances, specifically through the middle, as opposed to through wide areas of the field. Just wondering in that regard what did you see from your team? Were you pleased in that aspect or not?

It’s still not as good as it needs to be. If you look at the sharpness of certain plays, the ball, then when you create a little bit of an advantage, the timing of certain passes and moves to get into the box and make more of it, I still think that’s something that we’ve got to work harder at.

What do you say to the group after a game like that where you had the lead and just couldn’t see it out?

I speak with this group in a way that says, always that, look, to become a good team is hard work. And we have still some new players. We have some young players. And so this is going to be something where we’ve just got to, week by week, keep making sure that we find ways to work through details and improve.

Along the way, yeah, you need points. You need points for confidence. You need points just to keep fans happy. But I really talk about the process. And so I said that I thought we started well. I thought that we had real opportunity in the first half to nail down a second goal. We didn’t.

I think in the second half we lost a little bit of football when we needed to bring subs on. I didn’t think it helped us enough. And that everybody’s got to understand that the work is going to continue. That’s just the way we’re going to become good. I totally believe we’re going to be a really good team.

But I knew that this group, given starting points, given a lot of different factors, that this is going to be hard work to get it there. So the idea that the season has started in a rough way, yeah, that part is disappointing, but it doesn’t change the ideas and the approach.

That’s two goals in as many games from Jesus. How have you sort of seen him integrate himself with this side? And what do you make of his burgeoning partnership with Pozuelo?

I think Jesus is a good player. And look, we know that when Ale has the ball at his feet, he’s clever, he’s creative. And so I want that to be something that we see regularly from different players on the field, from when Oso has the ball, when Noble is playing in the midfield, and Ralph.

Our attacking ideas, those things are important. But certainly so far you see that there’s a good understanding between Ale and Jesus. And it’s something we have to try to keep building upon.

Couple of first career MLS starts for Lukas MacNaughton and Kadin Chung. What did you think of their performance in the back?

I think they both did a good job. Obviously we played a little bit in training with three. That is not Kadin’s main spot. But he’s been there in training, and I thought he responded really well. I thought the understanding between Kadin, Michael and Lukas was good. I thought they handled situations in a good way.

I thought we were able, in a lot of moments, to play from the back when we needed to. I thought both stepped on the field in their first starts and did well.

I know it’s early, but is there any update on Jahkeele? And also can you just update us on, I understand Mavinga had a knock in training and O’Neill was also not 100 percent?

Shane was not 100 percent. And he was on the bench just in an emergency but didn’t feel that he was far enough along and therefore we did not use him.

Chris, yes, in training, sliding to block a shot. So, sore from that. We’ll see how he responds to continued treatment. And I don’t yet have a report on Jahkeele.

Just wondering about the substitution early in the second half for Perruzza for Achara. Was that tactical or was Achara injured?

That was tactical. I thought that we still, with Ralph in there and then Oso in there, with Ale, I thought we could do a better job of connecting more passes in there. And that it was going to allow us to establish greater control.


Obviously not the result you guys would have wanted. But first start in MLS for you. Just wanted to get your perspective on how you felt you did in your first career start in the league?

I think maybe it was you that asked me last time, how was it moving to the MLS. But I thought there were moments that were great. But I thought also there were moments, as a team and individually, that need to be a lot better, especially in the second half. It became a quite open game — a lot of transitions, a lot of balls given away. Just a little bit of sloppiness when we were up one, we can stay tidy, close out the gaps and keep it a clean sheet.

So on a personal level I think there are some positives. But always a lot of room to improve.

Lukas, it’s only minutes after the game, but can you say what the mood of the team is now after three games? You guys haven’t won yet, though, you’ve had a depleted lineup and you guys certainly played well at times. Do you have a sense what the players are feeling right now?

We’re obviously disappointed. You go into halftime 1-0 you expect to win the game, especially when you’re playing well and you’re creating chances, and we had a chance, one or two at least, to go 2-0 up. And if we do that it makes the game quite easy.

We’re disappointed, but like I said there’s moments that were very, very good. And so we don’t think that it’s not like we’re playing horrible football. It’s not like we’re creating chances, it’s not like we’re getting dominated in the last three games. We’ve had very good games.

We’re disappointed, but we’re not demotivated. We know if we keep working, it’s going to come in, and it’s going to come together very well.

We talked a lot about transition defending after the Red Bull game, and the two goals today were very different. What did you see on those two plays? How did they work out?

The first ball comes across, and Jayden goes out to block the shot. And everybody knows in the league that guy has got a fantastic shot. It goes in, I think. I think the keeper doesn’t really see much.

And then the second one, we don’t win the first ball and it drops the second ball and they’re on top of it; they won it.

And I think that’s kind of the theme of the second half. The second balls, the transitions, they were a little bit quicker and they get those chances. Unfortunately we don’t finish ours. They put away theirs, and that’s it.

That’s quite a shiner you’re sporting there. Can you say what happened on that play?

I went up for the header and I just got his elbow. I don’t know how that’s not a yellow card, but that’s how that happened.





NYR – Lewis Morgan 17’ (Patryk Klimala, Frankie Amaya)

NYR – Lewis Morgan 24’ (Patryk Klimala, Omir Fernandez)

TOR – Jesús Jiménez 35’ (Luca Petrasso)

NYR – Lewis Morgan 40’ (Patryk Klimala)

NYR – Aaron Long 42’ (Frankie Amaya)


NYR – Dylan Nealis 31’ (caution)

TOR – Carlos Salcedo 61’ (caution)

NYR – Patryk Klimala 67’ (caution)

NYR – Sean Nealis 86’ (caution)


Toronto FC                   0-1-1                1 point

New York Red Bulls       2-0-0                6 points


TORONTO FC – Alex Bono; Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty (Kadin Chung 70’), Shane O’Neill, Carlos Salcedo (Lukas MacNaughton 80’), Jacob Shaffelburg (Ifunanyachi Achara 46’); Michael Bradley (C) (Ralph Priso 80’), Jonathan Osorio, Alejandro Pozuelo; Jayden Nelson (Noble Okello 70’), Luca Petrasso, Jesús Jiménez

Substitutes Not Used: Quentin Westberg, Chris Mavinga, Deandre Kerr, Jordan Perruzza

NEW YORK RED BULLS – Carlos Coronel; Aaron Long (C) (Tom Edwards 66’), Sean Nealis, Dylan Nealis; Lewis Morgan, Frankie Amaya (Daniel Edelman 89’), Dru Yearwood, John Tolkin; Tom Barlow (Serge Ngoma 83’), Omir Fernandez (Caden Clark 66’), Patryk Klimala (Zach Ryan 89’)

Substitutes Not Used: Ryan Meara, Lucas Monzón


  • Jesús Jiménez scored his first goal for Toronto FC.
  • Luca Petrasso made his Toronto FC debut and registered his first assist for the Reds.
  • Kadin Chung and Lukas MacNaughton also made their debuts for Toronto FC.


Bob, in the first half to start with, it looked like things are going pretty well on offense. Petrasso was doing some great things down the flank. Was this just a case of the Red Bulls punishing you on mistakes?

Yeah, there were good things in the first half, but it’s impossible to then say we’re playing well when we’re down 4-1 at half. They punished us twice with just a ball that comes loose on our left side, and then a cut back towards the edge of the box to Morgan. I thought we did well to get back to 2-1.

I still felt like we were finding good spaces in the game, controlling some of the midfield. The third goal off of our attacking corner is a real killer, and then we top it off with the goal on the lateral free kick.

So a really tough day. We can’t speak about positives because, at the end of it all, it’s just not good enough in the balance. You look hard at it and you work through it and be ready for next week.

Just wanted to get your evaluation of Luca Petrasso on the day. Especially he started up front in the first half, and then you moved him back in the fullback position. What did you see from him today?

In the first half, he was really bright. That’s what we’ve seen of him lately. I think he took the opportunity to start. A lot of our attack in the first half came down our left side through him. So a really positive day.

When he went to left back, yeah, there’s a few moments now defensively where in certain moments he got caught on the wrong side of a guy, and we got to work through some details, but happy for him. I thought especially the first half was very good.

When you have two young players like Jacob and Jahkeele learning a new position, what kind of lessons do you hope they take out of a difficult day like today?

Specific details, I need to go back through. But certainly it’s — games against Red Bull are different because you feel like you’ve got, in some moments, control of the game. But then the ball gets knocked forward, and then very quickly off of a second ball they’ve got guys running. And there’s also moments where the game becomes pretty physical.

So I think that in both situations, just the ability to deal with plays quickly, make good decisions, physically be ready to — do you go in to win the ball? Do you go in to control the man? So those are the kinds of things I’m thinking about right now.

Bob, I just wanted to sort of get your view on Jayden and Jahkeele, who obviously started in Dallas. This was only their second start of the season. What did you see from them?

In both games, I think Jayden has shown energy, has had an ability in some moments to get away from people. Haven’t yet gotten the final moments right in terms of whether he can shift down, make the right pass, whether he’s going to be able to create a chance for himself. So some of those little things — well, they’re not little. The end of the plays, I think, are still where we’ve got to continue to push Jayden.

Jahkeele, has done really well as a young player on the right side. He finds good ways to join in the attack. If he gets pressed, he can dribble by the man. He can dribble inside. He can make passes.

There’s some moments defensively in this game in terms of positioning, and I mention again the physical part. Is it a ball that you can win? Can you see it a little faster? Or is it a moment where you’re not going to get there and you’ve got to have a better way to control the man?

What’s your message to the guys after a day like this? We saw you having a little bit of a chat with Jahkeele as he came off.

My message to Jahkeele is that I think he’s going to be a really good player. I have complete confidence in him and that we’re going to learn from little things that happen on days like today and we’re going to keep pushing him forward. But he’s doing a lot of great things, and I want him to stay strong. Together we can keep pushing him.

For the group, I said, look, we’ll come in on Monday. We’ll have a better idea of certain things that we want to talk about. But I have confidence that we’re going to become a really good team. But a good team still on certain days where maybe something goes against you, your response. We really hurt ourselves by the two — the third and the fourth goals. That’s where we really killed ourselves.

If we go in 2-1 is at halftime having responded well with a real chance to look at a few things, I think the second half gives us a real opportunity. But to give up the three and four before half and put ourselves down 4-1, that is the biggest thing that happens today, that we completely let ourselves down and let the game get away from us.


Congratulations on the debut. I appreciate that the result wasn’t how you would have wanted to turn the debut. Overall, what was it like out there for you playing in your first Toronto game, especially after the halftime switch where Bob switched you back to left fullback.

I thought it was very cool. I was obviously quite a bit nervous before the game. I had all my family there watching. It was amazing. I thought it was amazing, the atmosphere was amazing. Just really excited to get going and get my opportunity to play.

Yeah, I started off on the left wing, but I thought I did quite well. Obviously, we didn’t get the result. Obviously, (we need to) bounce back in the next game.

We saw you over in the stands. I’m guessing that was your family that you were saying hello to after the game. When did you sort of find out you were going to be getting the start today?

Yeah, that was my family that I went up to after the game. They came closer to the field to say hi, congratulate me on my debut. So that was very nice of them.

I kind of knew in the beginning of the week. I was training with the starting lineup in their training sessions, and we do 11 v. 11, I was put up as a left winger. So I think I had an idea that I was going to be playing this game, and then as the week went on, I was consistently there and training with them.

So I kind of had to get my head wrapped around it to go. But I played wing in the past, and obviously an attacking fullback, a wing back. So I was quite comfortable to play in that position.

Luca, just congrats again on the debut. As someone who’s played most of your life with TFC Academy, TFC II, now the first team, can you describe your emotions coming into this and playing in front of an almost packed field? Is that the moment you’ve been looking forward to for quite some time?

Thank you. To be honest, I was very nervous. I saw all the fans when we were walking onto the field. But to be honest, it’s a dream come true. I remember when I was a little kid, I would do the ball boys in the MLS Cup Playoffs and MLS Finals. So I had that dream of playing on the field and playing with the players I’m playing with now, a lot of players I look up to and hope to have amazing careers like them.

But it’s a dream come true honestly to play in front of my family, in front of the fans. Obviously, it’s just the first game, but to keep on focusing and working to play many more to come.

How have you found the sort of step up to MLS? I know you’ve had this goal in mind for a long time, but to have to take those final preparations to be ready for it, how have you found that?

Not too difficult. I’ve trained with a lot of the players over the past years and preseason and during the years when I was a TFC II player or coming up from the Academy, I’ve gotten opportunities to train with the team and with the club and be a part of that environment.

But I have a lot of great players and great people at the club and the staff that helped me along the way, a lot of players that I played with growing up through the academy. So I think it’s a great group of guys that can help me along the way, and I’ll keep getting better and better each day.


In the beginning of the game, Toronto seemed to be doing fairly well on the offense, and you had more of the ball. Was it a shock that you went into halftime trailing 4-1?

Yeah, of course, it was shocking and surprising to see that. We enter the game with all the positive momentum that we wanted to win the game, with the idea of controlling the game, having possession of the ball. But the other team had opportunities, and they scored those goals.

That’s the way soccer is. It’s difficult. At the end of the day when you’re down 4-1, every play gets even harder. And when you make mistakes, it gets even worse. So it was a difficult day for us, of course, but there isn’t much I can say. It was a bad day for us.





DAL – Jáder Obrian 9’ (Paul Arriola, Paxton Pomykal)

TOR – Jonathan Osorio 45’ (Jesús Jiménez, Jacob Shaffelburg)


TOR – Jacob Shaffelburg 19’ (caution)

DAL – Jáder Obrian 45+2’ (caution)


Toronto FC                   0-0-1                1 point

FC Dallas                      0-0-1                1 point


TORONTO FC – Alex Bono; Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty, Carlos Salcedo, Chris Mavinga (Shane O’Neill 46’), Jacob Shaffelburg; Michael Bradley (C), Jonathan Osorio, Alejandro Pozuelo; Deandre Kerr (Ifunanyachi Achara 46’), Jayden Nelson (Noble Okello 66’), Jesús Jiménez

Substitutes Not Used: Quentin Westberg, Lukas MacNaughton, Kadin Chung, Luca Petrasso, Ralph Priso, Jordan Perruzza

FC DALLAS – Maarten Paes; Emmanuel Twumasi (Kalil ElMedkhar 88’), José Martínez, Matt Hedges (C), Marco Farfan; Edwin Cerrillo, Brandon Servania (Tsiki Ntsabeleng 73’), Paxton Pomykal; Paul Arriola (Nanu 79’), Jáder Obrian, Jesús Ferreira

Substitutes Not Used: Jimmy Maurer, Eddie Munjoma, Nkosi Tafari, Facundo Quignón, Beni Redžić, Isaiah Parker


  • Bob Bradley managed his first match for Toronto FC.
  • Jonathan Osorio has now scored in each of his 10 seasons with Toronto FC (2013 – 2022), extending an all-time TFC record.
  • Deandre Kerr and Jesús Jiménez made their debuts and first MLS starts for Toronto FC.
  • Carlos Salcedo and Shane O’Neill made their debuts for the Reds tonight.
  • Toronto FC’s season-opening starting XI featured five Canadians (Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty, Jacob Shaffelburg, Jonathan Osorio, Deandre Kerr and Jayden Nelson).
  • Toronto FC recorded its first MLS point against FC Dallas since a 1-0 win at BMO Field on May 7, 2016.
  • With the draw, Toronto FC’s MLS Season Opener record moves to 5W-8L-3D.


Bob, a lot to unpack from that game, good and bad, and that could just be talking about the VAR. What did you think of the performance?

Well, I thought that there were some moments in the first half where some of our decisions, some sloppy moments with the ball, and then those were situations that caused us trouble. But also in the first half, we were sharp, connected passes, moved up together, were able to press them that were quite good, and I thought the response after going down was important. I thought the goal we scored late in the half was really well done. A guy like Jacob Shaffelburg playing first game at left back doesn’t start well but then I think he does a very good job of playing through it and getting to the game in a strong, positive way.

I think the second half for parts were better. At the end, I thought we were, again, a little too slow with the ball and then if we wait too long and we end up playing backwards, they step up a little bit or we end up playing the long ball but it comes right back at us. I think our ability to not just play the ball but play it faster, find the right passes, move up together, I think we saw it in period of the game and that’s still positive but it’s still got to be more consistent.

You started three teenagers. How much confidence did you have in these fellas going into the match and what can you say about the way — you mentioned Shaffelburg, and Marshall-Rutty played at the fullback spot, a position you’ve been reintroducing them to this season.

Yeah, I thought both those guys played very well, as I mentioned, Jacob didn’t have a perfect start. Again he’s playing Paul Arriola and Paul is obviously an experienced player with quickness and gets into good spots. But I thought he had adjusted well in the game. I thought that Jahkeele’s first game at right back, really quite good. The things — I think we felt very good.

I’m not sure if you had a chance to review the two VAR decisions that went against you, speaking specifically about Dallas’s first goal and the office wail low decision. Do you think those calls went against you justly or unjustly?

I haven’t had a chance. The only thing I’ve heard about the penalty call is that he’s right there, he makes the call, and that nobody that’s seen it tells me that it’s a clear and obvious mistake.

That doesn’t seem to be the proper use of VAR for me.

Couple of changes at halftime, Achara and O’Neil coming on, can you walk us through the thought process and how did that play out?

Shane has played well of late. When he plays with Carlos, he moves to the right, Carlos moves to the left. I think Carlos also does a good job of giving Jacob confidence.

You know, Chris, one of the biggest — the biggest thing we continue to challenge Chris with is just his ability to stay more tuned into everything that goes on around him at times. It still means that he loses certain things. Building out of the back in the first half, we had a few moments where I didn’t think our decisions were good and we felt it was just a way of changing the game at half time.

Deandre never really got into the game. Wasn’t enough of a threat. Achara had a few moments when he came on. Couldn’t quite get a play right, the one where he gets pushed through and tries to play the ball across. It’s a good opportunity for us in the second half. But look, it’s (early in the) season, and we’ve got young guys and we’re still working on the whole group. So I think it’s important that in different moments, if we think we’ve got to make changes at half, guys are ready, and the guys that come out, it’s never easy and it’s part of the process of us growing as a team.

The other day you sort of hinted at or suggested that you wanted to see Pozuelo play with a little bit more structure, maybe a little bit more focus within the system. What did you see from him this afternoon or tonight?

Yeah, I thought he did a good job of staying connected with the other midfielders. You saw moments where he was the closest guy when the ball turned over, and he defensively reacted really well, and either closed the play down, won a ball or allowed everybody else to get back into good position. I still think that we were fairly fluid so that we found him in some pretty good spots.

Even in the first half I felt like he was still getting the ball in areas where he had a chance to be creative and make the plays that we know are special from him so overall, I thought he gave us a really good game.

Osorio scores a goal, one in each of his ten seasons with the club. What can you say about his longevity and what he’s meant to the club over the years?

Yeah, obviously I’ve watched Oso play an important role for TFC over the years. He’s been a versatile player, smart player, a guy that makes guys around him better. He’s always had an ability to get into the box in the right moment and score goals and working with him every day has been fantastic and you see on a night like tonight how he’s able to make so many different plays to help us through a tough game.

Can I get your thoughts on Jayden Nelson’s performance today there in the left wing?

I liked it. He was full of energy, he made some really good runs, he was confident with the ball. Yeah, the final moments on a few plays didn’t work out perfectly, but you know, I think Jayden is a good player and I want to see that type of, you know, when he plays like that, you see personality, you see life, you see his skill. So for me, we talked about it in preseason that that’s what he can bring, challenged him in all these different ways and I think tonight we saw a lot of good things.

Your evaluation on Jesús Jiménez making his MLS debut?

Yeah, some skillful moments, but overall, a night where some of the important opportunities, plays, didn’t quite come off. Haven’t had a chance to see the header again but that’s a good opportunity in the second half. You know, I think he’s a player that we can use in different ways and so in moments in the first half when we couldn’t quite find our way through, I think he comes off the defenders and finds some good positions to be able to receive balls and try to connect things. Not everything that went to him came off really well in the next part, so there’s still that sharpening up of things. But I think he’s still going to be an important player for us.

Your thoughts on Carlos during this match?

I always say that Carlos is a big personality on the field. On a night like tonight he makes some really good plays. He reads situations well. You know, when they clogged the middle, we had to find different solutions to play from the back. He helps, and then he also had some different passes that went a little bit off where the quality of his passes weren’t always perfect. But the fact that he sees different things in the build-up and helps us find different ways against their way of stepping up I think is important. And overall, we were still able to play forward in good ways and still have moments of control in the game.

As we’ve talked about, a lot of moving parts in this preseason and your team remains a work-in-progress. Given that, is what you saw on the pitch today pretty much what you expected?

I think football-wise there are moments in that game where I still expect that we can be sharper and better. I think that’s some of the moments in transition came from some carelessness. You could attribute some of that to the fact that the field was very slick. I think football-wise there were moments for me where we’re better and sharper than that and that would include some of the execution and final parts of plays. But I like the fact that the group as a whole is showing a commitment to be a real team. I felt good about the response after going down. The feeling after the game is that it’s not our best but it shows that we’re going in a good direction, so that part I’m satisfied.


Congratulations on the road draw and a goal. Just what have you learned and what do you have to say about after the preseason and fighting back from a deficit to earn a draw here, what do you have to say just about with a kind of team that you guys have this year?

I think the character that we have on the team and the fight, the togetherness that we have and the belief that we have, it’s still there when things are a little bit hard that we can fight our way back into the game, play our way back into the game. I think for a pretty new team, that’s a really positive thing to take out of this game. We know that this process is still new and day-by-day we are going to get better. Today was a big step. I think it was a good step forward. This is not an easy place to play, and with the way that the game went, I thought we did really well. I thought we did really well. We are going to take the positives and look at where we can improve, of course, this week and be ready for our home opener.

Bob deployed five Canadians and three teenagers. As a Canadian yourself, what was your sort of feeling about him showing so much trust in your countrymen who are still pretty young?

Yeah, we had very young guys on the field today. I think this is a positive for, first of all, those individuals to have that chance, and very positive for the club and for Bob trusting those guys.

I think, you know, we have to trust the young guys and give them that belief that they can go in and do the job. You know, even though we have like Jacob playing left back, which he has not really done and Jahkeele playing right back, maybe they are not so familiar in this position in their careers, but I think for him to have the belief in them to go out there and to be learning on the fly as well, we know that these are young players and we have to live with the fact that they are going to make mistakes. It’s just normal.

But I think Bob does a good job of emphasizing that they have to learn from those mistakes, and the quicker they can do that and the more they improve, the more they can help the team. I thought they did well, as well as Jayden had a great game. He’s coming into his own. Noble came in and did well. Deandre did well, first professional game. All these guys are going to get better as they play, so I think it’s great for everyone.

You’ve scored in your last ten seasons with the club with that goal. Can you put that into context of what it means to be such a part of the fabric of the club and the longevity of success you’ve had for the last ten years here?

It’s not really something that I was thinking about going into this game or anything. I think what contributes maybe to that kind of stat is the fact that I take it day-to-day and I try to improve every day and I try to do my job every time I go on the field. This is my duty as a player for this club and more so as somebody who grew up here. I love this club and I think everybody here knows every game, I will give everything for us to win.

So yeah, I don’t want to talk too much about myself or anything. I didn’t know about that stat. It’s great. It’s good. But you know, I just try to improve every game and keep going and contribute to this team. A stat is only possible with the support of my teammates and the support that I have here.

Looking forward to getting back home and having a game at our stadium in front of our fans.

Can you sort of walk us through how you saw that goal develop and was that — was some of that passage of play, some of that really neat footwork and passing at the top of the box, was that emblematic of some of the ideas you’re trying to implement?

Yeah, sure, we want to be aggressive. Bob emphasizes we want to be aggressive getting into the box when we get into the box and be positive with our play and combine — the ball came out to me from Jahkeele and I saw Ale was open in the pocket and I knew I had to get it to him fast, right away. So I gave it to him and he did a good job of controlling it and getting himself in a position to get Jacob going and when you get Jacob going like this, the ball is coming in — so I just went towards the back post in case anything dropped there, which he’s got a great touch there and if he doesn’t get that touch, I don’t get that chance and landed on my foot and open for me.

I think a great team goal. I think we will see a lot of this this season and this is what we look for. So just going and finding more ways to create occasions like this.

With such a young group out there today with the team, are you relishing the opportunity to maybe take on more of a leadership role with some of the young guys, particularly the Canadians and how much do you get to sort of impart wisdom to them in game while you’re on the field?

Yeah, of course, I try to be one of the veteran guys on the team, so I have to help whenever they need my help and whenever they ask, and I’m always available. They know that. You know I’m at a stage in my career where I’m learning to lead in the best way possible. Along with I had a very good example in Michael Bradley for a very long time now, so I’m still learning to be a positive impact in the best way possible for each individual, the way you talk to them and get them going is different, so those things I pay attention to and I’m trying to — the young guys, they did great today and we have just got to keep pushing them and keep having that belief in them so they feel comfortable on the field to express themselves and play free, because you know, that’s what it’s about. I think players are at their best when they play free and not so close-minded. This is a role I’m going to try to keep improving.

You mentioned getting back to BMO Field next week and it’s going to be your first home game in two years. What’s that experience going to be like?

It’s going to be amazing like it always is at BMO Field. We love playing in front of our fans. We’ve had them obviously for a little bit last year, but I think it just wasn’t the same with all the circumstances and where we are in the world.

So this year is going to be great to have — be home at this time of the year and BMO Field. We are just looking forward to getting back home, first and foremost to our families and to find a routine now and to perform on the week at BMO Field and give the fans what they deserve, which is a great football team and so we’re all excited here and we’re all looking forward to it. You know, we are going to take it day-by-day and it be to prepare ourselves and to arrive at that day the best possible form.

Whenever we talk to Bob or your other former coaches, they often describe you as a Swiss Army knife that can play a bunch of different roles. Wondering in the role that Bob has you playing there in the center, is there anything different, anything you may be haven’t experienced before or has it just been stuff that you’ve done in the past?

No, I think for the post part, it’s a position I played in probably most of my career. I would say what’s different is that Bob is pushing me to play it in a way that he sees is best fit for the team and for myself as well.

So yeah, Bob is pushing me to be better and to be more aggressive, pushing me on the defensive side, pushing me on the offensive side, pushing me to be on the ball more. I think in that sense, there’s definitely a different way this coach is pushing to get better. This is what I mean, and I’m going to give my hundred percent to play my best and to contribute my best in the best way possible.



Toronto FC’s complete 2022 Major League Soccer (MLS) regular season schedule was released today by MLS ahead of the 27th season.

In TFC’s 16th season, the home opener is set for Saturday, March 5, at 2:00 pm ET at BMO Field against the New York Red Bulls. The club kicks off the season on Saturday, February 26 at 5:30 p.m. ET when the Reds face FC Dallas at Toyota Stadium.

During the 2022 season, Toronto FC will play 34 regular season matches (17 home and 17 away), facing Eastern Conference opponents twice, and playing eight games against non-conference teams (FC Dallas, Real Salt Lake, Vancouver Whitecaps, Seattle Sounders, San Jose Earthquakes, Nashville SC, Portland Timbers and LA Galaxy). The Reds will play 23 matches on Saturdays, five on both Sundays and Wednesdays, and one on a Friday. At BMO Field, Toronto FC will play 12 matches on Saturdays, three on Wednesdays and one on both a Friday and a Sunday. All of TFC’s regular season MLS matches will be televised across Canada on TSN.

The 2022 MLS Regular Season Schedule can be found below or visit

Saturday, Feb 26, 2022FC DallasDallas5:30pmTSN
Saturday, Mar 05, 2022New York Red BullsToronto2:00pmTSN
Saturday, Mar 12, 2022Columbus CrewColumbus1:30pmTSN
Saturday, Mar 19, 2022D.C. UnitedToronto3:00pmTSN/CTV
Saturday, Apr 02, 2022New York City FCToronto4:00pmTSN/CTV
Saturday, Apr 09, 2022Real Salt LakeReal Salt Lake8:00pmTSN
Saturday, Apr 16, 2022Philadelphia UnionToronto7:30pmTSN
Sunday, Apr 24, 2022New York City FCNew York5:00pmTSN
Saturday, Apr 30, 2022FC CincinnatiToronto3:00pmTSN/CTV
Sunday, May 08, 2022Vancouver WhitecapsVancouver4:00pmTSN/CTV
Saturday, May 14, 2022Orlando City SCToronto3:00pmTSN/CTV
Wednesday, May 18, 2022FC CincinnatiCincinnati7:30pmTSN
Saturday, May 21, 2022D.C. UnitedDC4:00pmTSN/CTV
Saturday, May 28, 2022Chicago Fire Toronto7:00pmTSN
Saturday, Jun 18, 2022New York Red BullsNYRB7:00pmTSN
Saturday, Jun 25, 2022Atlanta UnitedToronto7:30pmTSN
Wednesday, Jun 29, 2022Columbus Crew Toronto7:30pmTSN
Saturday, Jul 02, 2022Seattle SoundersToronto7:30pmTSN
Saturday, Jul 09, 2022San Jose EarthquakesToronto7:30pmTSN
Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022Chicago Fire Chicago8:00pmTSN
Saturday, Jul 16, 2022CF MontrealMontreal7:30pmTSN/TVAS
Saturday, Jul 23, 2022Charlotte FCToronto7:30pmTSN
Saturday, Jul 30, 2022New England RevolutionNew England8:00pmTSN
Saturday, Aug 06, 2022Nashville SCNashville8:00pmTSN
Saturday, Aug 13, 2022Portland TimbersToronto7:30pmTSN
Wednesday, Aug 17, 2022New England RevolutionToronto7:30pmTSN
Saturday, Aug 20, 2022Inter MiamiMiami8:00pmTSN
Sunday, Aug 28, 2022Charlotte FCCharlotte7:00pmTSN
Wednesday, Aug 31, 2022LA GalaxyToronto7:30pmTSN
Sunday, Sep 04, 2022CF MontrealToronto7:30pmTSN/TVAS
Saturday, Sep 10, 2022Atlanta UnitedAtlanta7:30pmTSN
Saturday, Sep 17, 2022Orlando City SCOrlando7:30pmTSN
Friday, Sep 30, 2022Inter MiamiToronto7:30pmTSN
Sunday, Oct 09, 2022Philadelphia UnionPhiladelphiaTBDTSN




Toronto FC announced today the following roster moves to conclude the 2021 MLS season. A total of 15 players are currently under contract for 2022.

Toronto FC has exercised the contract options on goalkeeper Quentin Westberg; defender Auro Jr; midfielders Jonathan Osorio, Noble Okello and forwards Jacob Shaffelburg and Ifunanyachi Achara. 

Toronto FC has not exercised options on goalkeeper Kevin Silva; defenders Omar Gonzalez, Eriq Zavaleta, Rocco Romeo, and forward Patrick Mullins. 

Defender Julian Dunn; midfielders Liam Fraser, Nick DeLeon, Tsubasa Endoh and forwards Erickson Gallardo and Ayo Akinola will be out of contract at the end of the year. 

Fifteen players remain under contract for the 2022 season. They are: goalkeeper Alex Bono; defenders Chris Mavinga, Richie Laryea, Kemar Lawrence, Luke Singh; midfielders Michael Bradley, Yeferson Soteldo, Mark Delgado, Alejandro Pozuelo, Ralph Priso and forwards Jozy Altidore, Dom Dwyer, Jordan Perruzza, Jayden Nelson and Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty. 

Defender Justin Morrow announced his retirement in September 2021. 

Toronto FC’s 2022 roster as it currently stands:

Goalkeepers (2): Alex Bono, Quentin Westberg

Defenders (5): Richie Laryea, Chris Mavinga, Luke Singh and Kemar Lawrence, Auro Jr.

Midfielders (7): Michael Bradley, Mark Delgado, Jonathan Osorio, Noble Okello, Ralph Priso, Yeferson Soteldo, Alejandro Pozuelo

Forwards (7): Jozy Altidore, Dom Dwyer, Jordan Perruzza, Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty, Jayden Nelson, Ifunanyachi Achara and Jacob Shaffelburg

Rapids’ season ends with 1-0 loss to Portland Timbers in second round of MLS Cup Playoffs — The Denver Post

A season with so much promise came to an abrupt end Thursday afternoon. Portland’s Larrys Mabiala deflated a packed Dick’s Sports Goods Field with a 90th-minute goal, ending the Colorado Rapids’ MLS Cup hopes with a 1-0 defeat in the second round of the playoffs. 645 more words

Rapids’ season ends with 1-0 loss to Portland Timbers in second round of MLS Cup Playoffs — The Denver Post

Former LAFC coach Bob Bradley joins Toronto FC — Orange County Register

After mutually agreeing to end a four-year run managing the Los Angeles Football Club, Bob Bradley needed less than a week to move across the continent for his next assignment. Bradley, 63, was officially introduced as the head coach and sporting director for Toronto FC on Wednesday, placing him in the same organization as his…

Former LAFC coach Bob Bradley joins Toronto FC — Orange County Register




MTL – Romell Quioto 72’ (Rudy Camacho)


MTL – Joaquín Torres 21’ (caution)

TOR – Richie Laryea 36’ (caution)

TOR – Yeferson Soteldo 57’ (caution)

TOR – Mark Delgado 87’ (caution)


TORONTO FC – Quentin Westberg; Julian Dunn, Michael Bradley (C), Chris Mavinga; Richie Laryea, Noble Okello (Jordan Perruzza 78’), Mark Delgado, Jonathan Osorio, Jacob Shaffelburg (Nick DeLeon 78’); Alejandro Pozuelo (Ifunanyachi Achara 16’), Dom Dwyer (Yeferson Soteldo 78’)

Substitutes Not Used: Alex Bono, Justin Morrow, Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty

CF MONTRÉAL – Sebastian Breza; Joel Waterman, Rudy Camacho, Kamal Miller; Zachary Brault-Guillard (Zorhan Bassong 60’), Victor Wanyama (C), Ahmed Hamdi, Mathieu Choinière; Djordje Mihailovic, Joaquín Torres (Lassi Lappalainen 72’), Romell Quioto (Samuel Piette 78’)      

Substitutes Not Used: James Pantemis, Matko Miljevic, Emanuel Maciel, Sunusi Ibrahim



Q: You lose Jozy Altidore to flu-like symptoms; you lose Pozuelo early in the match, and you’re on the back foot most of the match and yet you have a chance in the 90th minute to tie up which doesn’t work. Do you think this game is kind of a microcosm of the whole season?

Yeah, I think it reflects the whole season, right. I mean, you are in a game, basically, with no DPs because we lose Alejandro in the 15th minute or 16th minute I think, and then you play without the piece. Remember we started the game with three academy players, and I think we prepared really well this game. We are disappointed because we wanted to win this championship. I think it was something very important for us.

But I’m happy. I’m proud of the players. I’m proud of the players and I’m proud of the way they fought today. I am proud how they execute the plan and I think we deny a lot of chances from Montréal, and I think we have a good game. We just lost focus in one play, and we pay the price of the championship.

But we have, as well, our chances. We knew that we would have our chances and then you need a little bit of luck, too. You need that ball that hits the goal post in the 90th minute just to go in, and get a little bit of things on your side, which we didn’t. I think like you mentioned, absolutely right, this reflects a little bit what has been our season this year.

Q: I appreciate how you say you think you are pleased with your team, or you thought they put in a good performance, but how do you rectify that with the fact that Montréal dominated possession and out-shot you 23-4 and you didn’t have a single shot on goal? How can that be a good team performance?

Yeah, I think I repeat again, you have to read the contest. You play without the piece, right. You play minimized, and you play away from home. As you know, when you play away from home, it’s different than when you play at home. We tried to get matched tactically, the game, as well thinking about where we come from in terms of results, in terms of conceding goals.

I think even if they had more chances, then the dynamic, you can look at the goal they score, you can’t look at the statistics after that moment, we were the more dangerous team on the field.

So a final is a final. You cannot read too much into the statistics. You play to win the final. We came here with that mentality and in the end we concede one goal and we are forced to come out to get the goal that give us the opportunity to come back in the game.

So in the end, it’s just the tactical approach to the game.

Q. How much did losing Pozuelo early and Jozy not being available impact the game plan that you guys had been working ongoing into this one?

Yeah, it changed everything, right. It changed everything from the moment that Jozy is not here with us, and he’s the most effective player I think against Montréal, so that gives you an edge.

Another one that has been historically very effective against Montreal has been dangerous on the field, is Dom. But then you lose Alejandro, and the way we were preparing, he was our catalyst. He was passing all the balls through him in order to generate our offensive game, that’s the way we prepared for the game, and obviously the 15th minute when he comes off the field, you have to change completely the tactics and the shape. So the game obviously looks different.

To answer your question, you’re absolutely right, losing these two players, it makes a huge impact in our ability and performance.

Q. You mentioned a couple times about the designated players and how the narrative has been that you have not had your designated players available to you this season. How frustrating is that to you as a coach? And all three of those guys, they are under contract next season. Do you think that’s still an area the team has to address with how important designated players are in the League?

Yeah, in the end, the ones playing are the players, and you depend as well on your quality.

I don’t feel frustrated as a coach because in the end my job is to make the most of the team that is available. And I’m happy with the way the team has been working. And when one player is not there, another one comes off bench, or even in training, and they do the best they can.

So I cannot be frustrated when I see the players that are available and they give everything. Like in the case today, we have — I mention we have three academy players on the field. I mean, Julian is amazing. It is only his second game in the season and he has the opportunity to play the final. Then Noble, the same way with I think an amazing future. And Jacob, you can say academy or development player, he receives that award to the best young player of the tournament.

But in the end, when you lose the quality players, there’s only so much that you can do, which is fight, be in an organized structure tactically which I think we were, and then you depend on the quality.

So if you are missing players that they are DPs, Yeferson, for instance, he came off the bench, but he was injured. The minutes that he played today, he was minimized. And I think it’s been a little bit the story of our season. With our top players not being able to contribute, and in the end, we pay the price for that because in this league, in MLS or even in the Canadian Championship, you cannot count on your three DPs. You are minimized and it’s difficult to compete.


Q: Your team had put so much emphasis on this final given the way the season went, and despite the statistics, your team had a chance to tie it late in the 90th minute. Can you give us a sense of the emotions going through the dressing room right now?

It was quiet right now in the locker room, obviously, just because it’s never the best feeling, losing a final. I don’t think we were upset because we lost it by a lot. We were upset because we knew we could win it. It’s just a hard one for everybody to get over.

But we’ll be back next year, and better.

Q: Just wondering, to get your perspective on how you thought the team’s overall performance was tonight, I appreciate that you were missing some key players, but it just seemed like it was a little bit lump and a little bit just lifeless, not coming until like really the last five minutes. I mean, how would you characterize the team’s overall effort today?

I thought we were solid. We stuck to our game plan. We defended well majority of the game except that one hiccup we had, but everyone makes mistakes, so it’s, whatever. It’s just how it works out that we couldn’t get a goal.

And I thought we had a few opportunities in the first half, and we hit the post in the second. It could have gone either way, and today it went Montréal’s way.

Q: You sort of pre-exempted my question a little bit there with your answer. So maybe I’ll just sort of ask: A lot was put into this final as a way to being able to make something of the season. How will you remember this year, and what could you look to take from this and bring it into the off-season?

It’s motivation. We’re all upset and we don’t want to have this feeling again. We don’t want to have the feeling we had the entire season honestly.

So we want to go into next season and we’ll use this as motivation, this entire season, to push ourselves for next season and have a better season next year.

Q: With the way the game is growing in this country and we see what the national team is doing on both the men’s and women’s side, just wondering what exactly does it mean to you to take home this Best Young Canadian Player award?

I didn’t actually know there was an award, so it was cool to be awarded at the end. It was a really cool feeling. It’s like the first personal award I’ve ever won, so it was a really cool feeling, and just my parents, my family, are all really proud of me, so it’s a cool moment and I can’t wait to get back home and kind of celebrate that personal achievement with them.





PHI – Alejandro Bedoya 1’ (Dániel Gazdag, Kai Wagner)

TOR – Jozy Altidore 66’ (Noble Okello)

TOR – Jack Elliott 70’ (own goal)

PHI – Sérgio Santos 77’ (Kai Wagner)


TOR – Chris Mavinga 57’ (caution)

PHI – José Martínez 87’ (caution)


Toronto FC                    6-17-9              27 points

Philadelphia Union         13-8-11             50 points


TORONTO FC – Quentin Westberg; Auro Jr., Michael Bradley (C), Chris Mavinga (Justin Morrow 83’), Kemar Lawrence; Mark Delgado, Noble Okello, Jonathan Osorio (Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty 65’); Alejandro Pozuelo, Jacob Shaffelburg (Jayden Nelson 83’), Jozy Altidore

Substitutes Not Used: Alex Bono, Eriq Zavaleta, Julian Dunn, Nick DeLeon, Patrick Mullins, Jordan Perruzza

PHILADELPHIA UNION – Matt Freese; Olivier Mbaizo, Jakob Glesnes, Jack Elliott, Kai Wagner; José Martínez, Alejandro Bedoya (C) (Jesús Bueno 86’), Leon Flach (Jack McGlynn 73’); Dániel Gazdag (Sérgio Santos 58’), Jamiro Monteiro, Kacper Przybyłko

Substitutes Not Used: Joe Bendik, Stuart Findlay, Nathan Harriel, Anthony Fontana, Paxten Aaronson, Quinn Sullivan


  • Michael Bradley made his 250th appearance for Toronto FC in all competitions.
  • Noble Okello registered his first assist for Toronto FC.
  • Jozy Altidore has scored in back-to-back MLS games for the first time since scoring against Houston Dynamo on July 20, 2019 and FC Cincinnati on July 27, 2019.


Q. It seemed like we were going to be writing a story about a comeback win tonight, but the team kind of shot itself in the foot with another bad goal. What do you take away from that performance? Seems like a lot of good effort was wasted.

As you know, Neil, I like to focus on the positives. I think it’s a good game. First half we took control. Forget the first 30 seconds of the game, but we took control of the game. And the second half, we came back with a couple of goals. We have to remember that this is the second — the second team in the East — coming into this game was the second team of the East. So it’s a pretty good team, well organized.

I think we get a bit more comfortable with the 1-2. You can tell that we are not used to having the lead in the games because we kind of put the foot off the pedal a little bit. And then obviously when Santos came into action, we took more risk because they play with Przybyłko and Santos on top. And we have our two center backs, and it was more difficult for us. Right?

But I think — I think I’m happy with the performance of the team tonight. And I think we showed today that we have to be that team that was in the playoffs. It’s not in the odds, it’s not in the cards for us this year for us. But the quality is there. And I think we deserved more tonight, we deserved more for the season.

Q. Obviously, you’re somewhat vindicated by starting Jozy tonight — sorry, starting him for the first time from his comeback. Aside from the goal, what else did you see from Jozy? How would you evaluate his performance tonight?

Jozy comes — you have to remember, he comes a long way. I think the last time he played 90 minutes it was in March 2020, more than a year and a half ago. So the fact he completed 90 minutes, he scored a goal. He kind of created as well the opportunity for the second because I think if the deflection don’t happen, he’s there to finish the play as well. That transforms the team. I think we have Number 9, our reference out front, that not only can scores goal but as well be the reference when we press.

I think I highly value as well the effort, how he dictates the direction of the team, whether we have to press. So I think he brings a lot of positives into the team. So I think today, for him, it’s a big milestone because he’s 90 minutes. And we want to see more of him. It’s two games in a row of scoring. So I just can only encourage him and keep putting him on the field so he can do what he does best.

Q. You said you want — even though you guys are out of the playoffs, you said you want your team to finish the season strong with a good effort every night. Are you pretty satisfied that the team is doing that for you?

I am. I think it’s not easy when you don’t have a clear objective like is in our case to come tonight and put the performance that we put together.

And I think the team fought. The team took the control of the game. I think we were a bit upside. We tied 2-2. Yes. It’s true, we didn’t win the game, but I think the effort is there and the mental concentration is during the 90 minutes, taking aside the first 30 seconds of the game.

I think it’s there. And I think the team wants more this season. They know this season is not over. They know that we cannot just show for one games in the semifinals, that we have to keep going, we have to keep displaying good performances. And, again, I’m satisfied with what I saw tonight.

Q. You touched on this a little bit, but earlier this week, you were saying one of the difficulties the team has had is the lack of a real goal threat up top. And with the return of Jozy and getting draws in these two games, is having a certified threat at the top of the formation the sort of thing that turns losses into draws and draws into wins?

Yes. I think you are right. I think I have to acknowledge that if we have control of the game we don’t create as many threats as we should. I think sometimes we have 20 players around the ball or too many players on other parts of the field and not enough players inside the box. And that’s something we obviously have to work on and we have to modify.

That’s obviously my responsibility. And I think we are trying to adjust to that. I think we need to find — we have more players that they feel more comfortable with the ball. But at the same time, we need to find who is going to attack the space and who is going to get inside the box when the ball is wide. And that, I think, is going to help us to capitalize the opportunities.

But we have to remember that where we create more chances is when the ball is wide. When we made the crosses I think with Jahkeele, with Jacob on the left, we created a lot of chances. With Jahkeele on the right when he come on, we created some more. And then it’s a question of who is going to be inside to materialize or capitalize these opportunities.

Q. Two questions, if I may. First, if Richie Lareya had been able to play tonight, would you have played Kemar at center back?

I cannot answer that question because I didn’t have Richie, obviously. So I can only answer questions with facts and situations that I have in front of me. And unfortunately — Richie is one of the best players in the team, and unfortunately he was ineligible tonight. And we have to find a solution.

So would he be playing? Yes. So that’s the short answer. Who would be playing in the center back position? I don’t even question — or I don’t even ask myself that question because I didn’t have the opportunity to have Richie tonight.

Q. Fair enough. And I understand you want to focus on the positives. But both Philadelphia goals tonight were scored by players who were left unmarked. How can a team succeed when that happens?

You’re absolutely right. I think you answered the question yourself. I think both plays, they are similar in a way. There is a third one that he hit the crossbar and it’s very similar. So that’s a mistake. And that’s something we’ve been penalized for, and that’s why we have today a draw and not a win.

Q. Javier, that was Michael Bradley’s 250th appearance for this club tonight. That’s a big milestone for any player. I know we’ve talked about Michael’s contributions a lot over the years, but I wonder if you could speak about what that means and what it means in world soccer when a player reaches a milestone with a club like this?

I mean, I don’t have objectives for Michael. I think I spoke long and enough about him, his commitment, his dedication, his leadership with the club. Even 250 games is not even enough for him because he’s — everything that he has contributed not only in this club but, I mean, in everywhere where he has been. I can only say positive things about him.

As you know, we worked together for the past ten years on and off, and I know him very well. And at this point, I think he’s embracing his role as a captain. He’s embracing the leadership. And I think it’s an example for all of us. So I think I said there a lot of compliments for him, and they are all well deserved. So congratulations to Michael. Hopefully he can stay with us another 250 games.


Q. On the weekend, your team had a tie that seemed like a win. Does this tie kind of seem like a loss given the late goal?

I mean, I feel like in the game, we were the better team. We controlled most of the possession in the game. Yeah. I think we had an unlucky end, but I think it was still a good performance from us.

Q. Congratulations on the assist. Can you walk us through that play a little bit? What did you see on it? And how does it feel to get your first point in the league?

Yeah. I just got a call from Mike to step on the play because there was a guy in front of me. And I just read the pass, and I tried to intercept it, and it worked out. And it landed to Jozy’s feet. So I’m happy to get my first assist for our club.

Q. How much confidence are you gaining after every performance like this? I mean, you played three straight. You started three straight games, and your teammates have praised the way you played. Are you gaining confidence with every game out there?

Yes. I’m getting confidence. I’m trying to improve every game that I get called by the coach. And, yes, I’m just trying to get better every day. So I’m happy that my teammates are believing in me, and it helps me on the field.

Q. Michael played his — or appeared in his 250th game for the club tonight. Can you just touch on what it’s been like to work with him or at times under him?

Yeah. Michael is such a leader for us not only on the field but off the field, especially with us young players. I feel he’s helped me grow a lot, especially this year playing a little bit more, but, yeah, just a good leader for me, and I’m happy to keep playing with him now.

Q. Noble, you know, that’s two games in a row where Jozy Altidore has scored, and it’s two games where you guys got results, perhaps not the ones that you wanted. But can you speak a little bit about how much of a difference it’s made having him back on the team? There was a moment late where Jahkeele had a bit of a chance from wide, and we saw a shot of Jozy sort of, you know, applauding him on. What does that do for you young guys to have a guy like that at your backs?

Yeah. Jozy is another player that helps us young guys on and off the field. I feel like he’s a player that’s welcomed each and every one of us from the minute we joined this team. And, yeah, he continues to keep pushing us to succeed. I’m just happy he’s in the club helping us every day. So not only is he a legend in the club, but he’s also a very good person, so we’re thankful for him.





MTL – Sunusi Ibrahim 55’

TOR – Jozy Altidore 90+5’


TOR – Patrick Mullins 6’ (caution)

TOR – Noble Okello 54’ (caution)

TOR – Jonathan Osorio 58’ (caution)

MTL – Emanuel Maciel 58’ (caution)

TOR – Jacob Shaffelburg 64’ (caution)


Toronto FC                    6-17-8              26 points

CF Montréal                  11-10-10           43 points


TORONTO FC – Quentin Westberg; Auro Jr., Michael Bradley (C), Chris Mavinga, Richie Laryea; Mark Delgado, Noble Okello, Jonathan Osorio; Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty (Jozy Altidore 66’), Patrick Mullins (Alejandro Pozuelo HT), Jacob Shaffelburg (Jayden Nelson 85’)

Substitutes Not Used: Alex Bono, Justin Morrow, Eriq Zavaleta, Julian Dunn, Nick DeLeon, Jordan Perruzza

CF MONTRÉAL – James Pantemis; Joel Waterman, Rudy Camacho, Kamal Miller; Zachary Brault-Guillard (Zorhan Bassong 85’), Emanuel Maciel (Ahmed Hamdi 66’), Samuel Piette (C), Mathieu Choinière; Joaquín Torres (Bjørn Johnsen 89’), Djordje Mihailovic, Sunusi Ibrahim (Matko Miljevic 84’)

Substitutes Not Used: Sebastian Breza, Mustafa Kizza, Aljaž Struna, Ballou Tabla, Rida Zouhir


Q. Your team really came on strong in the second half. Do you feel this is a game where you finally — your team finally got what it deserved?

I think we deserved more. I think the numbers say that we deserved more, and it’s a little bit unbelievable that we were 10 seconds away from going empty-handed. We crossed the ball 19 times against five from them. We got more possessions. We got the expected goal higher than them. Everything was on our side except one thing, which is the scoreboard. So I think in the end, we are happy with that point. I think the team looks like a team, and I think — I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I’m every day with the players and I’m every day with the guys and I know how hard they are working, how they are trying to get out of this situation, and it’s very difficult, but I think tonight, that extra effort that it was needed, they put it — they put them — they put it on the field, the energy, and in the end, we got a point, I think well deserved.

Q. I think it was earlier this week, you were asked about the team’s lack of finishing in front of goal and you didn’t really have any sort of definitive answers. I wonder if today, was it just a matter of just on Pantemis was playing really well and you ran into a hard goalkeeper before Jozy scored with a free kick late in the game?

No, I think — I still struggle to find answers because we have the opportunities. Again, the statistics, they showed up, goal expected is 2.7, visitors 1.8. I think we have enough opportunities to be ahead in the scoreboard, but we were not.

Obviously it’s no question, right. When I say is no — I don’t have answers; I do have answers. We are not a team that is really built to capitalize or have players that they score a lot of goals, and when we look at the goals that we scored this season, it’s very well spread out with our players. I mention already that in our previous press conference with maybe also the top scorer, but we have a lot of players with three goals. That means with we don’t really have goal scorers. We have a team that collectively we enjoy playing and we have the possession, we are a possession-based team but we don’t have players that they can capitalize with a lot of goals. That’s the answer, really, to the question.

But I think — I think we have the ability to move the ball quick. We have the ability to have the control of the game. And I think this is an appealing part of the game, too. I would like to have more players, they can find double-digits scoring goals. That would be helpful for the team. I think the way we have to go is finding that collective effort to score goals — goal-scoring opportunities, and again, I think to know we have the chances. We just struggled to capitalize.

Q. Just listening to you, it sounds like you’re disappointed by this point. Would that be fair to say that you’re a little bit disappointed by this result and that you’re not coming way with more here?

No, I’m not disappointed. I think it would be ungrateful to be disappointed, because we didn’t have any points all the way up till the 90-minute plus, almost four, right. I think we have to be very grateful that we got a point out of this game. We were very close to be empty-handed. So the only thing I’m saying is that we did all the right things to — and we were the better team statistically to get away with three points.

Somehow we didn’t capitalize, we don’t score the goals. But I think it would be unfair to be unhappy or to be — I think it would be being ungrateful for that point that I think tonight, it was well-deserved because the players, they gave everything and they played really well.

Q. We haven’t seen Michael Bradley play at center back a whole lot. I asked you a question earlier this week about the back three last match, it’s very much the same here with Michael. Was this a necessity they played at center back or was that something you wanted to try out?

It was both things. It was a necessity, and it was something that I had in mind. I think that proves that when Michael needs to step up for the team, does it, and tonight he showed up again. He came up big doing a great job as a center back.

I think that’s an example right there for the rest of the team and for everybody else. He inspires us in a way that he played tonight, and he embraced the role.

Q. In the past you’ve talked about how hard Jozy has worked in training to get back. Tonight we got the pay off and we got to see Jozy the way we used to see him, causing havoc, creating scoring chances and then delivering the final blow. Can you just talk a little bit about his performance and his fight really to get back on the pitch given everything that’s happened to him this year?

Yes, I think I mentioned already that every time I was even coming here to the stadium, seeing him in the training facility, working by himself, it’s difficult for me because I know how emotional and how much he wants to succeed and to help the club.

But at the same time, when I come here to the games and I see that he’s working really hard, and tonight, I think it was paying off for him. I think it was really a relief. It was a great relief to see that finally he can come, help the team, being part of the group. I think it paid off all the effort that he made.

Now we have to keep building up on that. I think his quality is undeniable. His quality is right there, and I think he can be the player that he was before. Again, I think it’s been a really difficult year for him, being out with a lot of rhythm that has been cut out of his training or his games. When I first was in charge, I thought he was going to come back. Then he got the injury, and he’s been out for a long time.

So hopefully now, the team that it starts to look like a team, we can fight together for this last stretch of the season, and we can get a title and we can add up some points in the table.


Q. It’s been a long, difficult season for both you and the team. I’m just wondering, how good did that goal feel tonight?

It felt great to score again. Especially against Montréal, who is always an added bonus with the rivalry. So it was great to see the people that came out tonight behind the goal, to see them out there even with the season we had, knowing obviously it’s an important game, that was special. To have that moment with them and just talk with them a bit, and manage to come out with a result tonight, not many positives, but it was a positive.

Q. Can you just sort of break down the goal a little bit? Pantemis came up with some pretty big saves on you. Was he cheating off his line? How did you bend it over the free kick? Can you give us some insight?

No, I just tried to hit the target. It was a good distance to go around the wall or up and over the wall. I just figured I’d try to go around that. Haven’t tried that in a while, so said, let me try to go around with a little bit of power and caught him by surprise. I’m happy it worked out, and like I said, I’m happy we were able to get a result, a somewhat positive result.

Q. Obviously you’re happy to get the goal. How happy does it make you to maybe put a serious dent in their playoff aspirations?

Oh, that was obviously a plus. You know, we don’t have much to play for with the season winding down aside from the Canadian championship, so obviously we are aware that they are pushing for a playoff spot. You want to be respectful to everybody else who are competing and trying to make the playoffs. Obviously whether it was Montréal, doesn’t matter who it was, we were going to try to give our best, especially at home but obviously it feels a bit sweeter when you slow Montréal down a bit. That never gets old.

Q. I know you’re a big supporter of a lot of the young guys on this team, and what have your thoughts been on seeing guys like Jahkeele and Noble and Jayden all getting chances?

Yeah, I’m very happy. It’s something to be said because, you know, Jahkeele, when I came here, I used to see him at some of the camps. He was a little guy, and to see him now getting meaningful minutes, to see him locked in improving every day, it brings me so much joy because a lot of these guys were is he very young when I arrived, and to see them making a difference and playing important minutes, it’s just as rewarding as winning a trophy.

To see Noble today in a different role in a tough game, I thought he was fantastic. Never looked phased. Was in control throughout the 90 minutes and then Jacob, we all know he’s been great throughout this season, and Jahkeele now emerging. We have some very, very good young players that have to continue working, but the talent is there. To see Jayden Nelson come on and be full of energy, pushing the game, trying to help us get that goal, like I tell you, it means so much because we spent a lot of time with these guys over the years, and to see them now playing and getting important minutes, it means the world. Hopefully it’s something to build on and they can keep improving as the season goes on and into next season.

Q. You guys launched wave after wave of attack the last few minutes. Was there any sense at all that the goal might come as long as you kept playing hard?

Yeah, I mean, myself, I think I got robbed the first one. I didn’t — I was surprised as how open I was and he made a good point-blank save, and I just wasn’t — I don’t have that game sharpness, normally a couple of chances, even the second one I should just pass in the goal.

I think it’s kind of the story of the season. We’ve never quite lifted off fully as a group. You know, certain guys in, certain guys out. It’s been the story of our year.

But the quality is there, and I think you saw that, and to be able to repeat attacks like you said. Look, we have to take the positives away, and we put a team, a good team that’s fighting for the playoffs on the road.

Q. It’s been a hectic schedule recently and the club has been cautious with you and the other players in terms of minutes, bringing you on off the bench. You talked about game sharpness just now. How do you feel in terms of your game and your fitness at this stage?

To be honest, I feel the best I’ve felt in a long time. You know, I kind of paid the price playing with some injuries, with some broken bones here and there. Eventually, they catch up to you, but to be able to have the surgery and my foot is starting to feel much much better, just to be able to run and not feel pain is a huge boon. So I’m excited about that and I’m taking it day-by-day, but I feel so much better now finally, and I just want to play.

I just want to play. I missed the game. I’m just disappointed about how this year has gone, and you know, I’ll be the first guy to tell you it’s disappointing. But nobody is running away from anything. We take all the criticism on the chin and rightly so, but you know, there’s more here. I’m a firm believer in that. People will come up with their pitchforks but that’s part of the business. I just feel better, man. Like I told you, to run and move around without pain, it just feels amazing, because it’s been awhile. I’m just very, very happy and I just thank God for that.





CHI – Robert Berić 16’ (Fabian Herbers)

TOR – Mark Delgado 44’ (Jacob Shaffelburg)

TOR – Omar González 56’ (Yeferson Soteldo)

TOR – Yeferson Soteldo 70’ (Jonathan Osorio)


TOR – Yeferson Soteldo 9’ (caution)

CHI – Chinonso Offor 86’ (caution)

TOR – Richie Laryea 89’ (caution)


Toronto FC                    6-15-7              25 points

Chicago Fire FC            7-16-6              27 points


TORONTO FC – Alex Bono; Auro Jr., Omar González, Kemar Lawrence, Richie Laryea; Michael Bradley (C), Mark Delgado, Jonathan Osorio; Ifunanyachi Achara (Justin Morrow 84’), Yeferson Soteldo (Patrick Mullins 90’), Jacob Shaffelburg (Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty 77’)

Substitutes Not Used: Quentin Westberg, Luke Singh, Noble Okello, Nick DeLeon, Alejandro Pozuelo, Jayden Nelson

CHICAGO FIRE FC – Gabriel Slonina; Johan Kappelhof (Elliot Collier 75’), Mauricio Pineda, Jonathan Bornstein (C); Federico Navarro, Jhon Espinoza (Stanislav Ivanov 61’), Gastón Giménez, Álvaro Medrán (Chinonso Offor 61’), Miguel Navarro (Francisco Calvo 75’); Fabian Herbers (Ignacio Aliseda 21’), Robert Berić

Substitutes Not Used: Bobby Shuttleworth, Wyatt Omsberg, Javier Casas Jr., Alex Monis


  • Toronto FC extend their unbeaten streak to five games in all competitions (four wins, one draw).
  • Toronto FC scored three goals in back-to-back games for the first time this season.
  • Jacob Shaffelburg has scored or assisted on seven of Toronto FC’s last twelve goals (two goals, five assists).
  • Omar González scored his third goal of the 2021 MLS regular season, with all three assisted by Yeferson Soteldo.


Q. Seems like more of the same, your team played well in the first half and didn’t really get perhaps the rewards and then came out strong in the second. What did you see that you liked today?

The team now as I mentioned before is in a good place, mentally is in a good place. I think offensively with the ball, we are good, feeling comfortable moving the ball. Ultimately finding the opportunities to score. I think we scored three and I think it could have been even more.

The important part is that we are clicking, we are playing as a team and the collective effort takes us to three points and winning games.

Q. Yeferson having a rough first half with the yellow card and did you talk to him in the second half or was that him keeping his head in the game?

I think it’s no question — I think everybody is checking on him, and that was the conversation that I have with the official where he got a knee in his back, but in the end because of the frustration, he complains and he gets a yellow card. These kind of situations happen, right, because he’s the one who has been — the pressure is on him and at the end gets a yellow card.

But I think at halftime, we switched his position with Achara, and I think that helped him a bit more to come in the game and made — for Chicago. I think at this point I think everybody was expecting Yeferson to be at the top but him coming at the side and Achara being up top, it helped us a little bit more to find him and to find the right spaces and in between lines. So I think that was a conversation we had at halftime to be a bit more free and on the side and in between. That helped him to bring alive his game. I’m not in question about his quality.

Q. Now two wins in a row where you’ve kind of conceded first but come-from-behind whereas earlier in the season, whenever you conceded first, it was pretty much the death knell of the club. Aside from the mentality, why has it changed or is it a different mentality?

No, it’s not a different mentality. I think when you look at the numbers or the statistics, you have as well the answer. I think now we are more dangerous. We have more control of the game. We have more possession. We have more opportunities, and it’s just a question of remaining calm when things are not going your way because you know if you are on the other side, at the end you are going to have the chances. You can tie, you can win the game but you know that if you are the dominant team and you have the better side, you are not likely going to lose the game and that has been the story the last two games.

Q. Two goals in as many games by Delgado. What have you seen over the stretch for him to get to those positions?

Yeah, I think again, he has done a great job. Our midfield is getting stronger and our midfield has tempo of the game and now him getting to key positions, we have more opportunities to score. We have up to five or six players tied with three goals, so we know that every time we score a goal, it’s going to be a collective effort, and I think he’s a smart player, and he’s taking advantage of the situation. He’s finding himself in positions where he can score, and tonight it was another opportunity for him to come back and score that goal that brought us back into the game.

Q. You had Pozuelo on the bench, was he there in case of emergency? You didn’t end up needing him.

Yes, Alejandro is obviously a player of amazing quality. But we have to remember that he has been off the field for a very long time. Tonight it was not the time of game that we needed to push and going to play for ten, 15 minutes and maybe he’s going to have an injury he’s going to come back. So there was no need, basically, to put him at the risk. He was there on the bench if he needed to help the team.

But thankfully it wasn’t necessary to use him.

Q. With six games remaining plus the Canadian championship, do you have a sense of what the team’s greatest growth opportunity is? The team has improved in recent form but where can it get better these last few games?

I think we have to grow, again, we have to grow again one game at a time and keep playing the way we are doing for the past now five, six games, and from here now, we need to keep imposing our tempo and style of game, style of play and if we can win the games with more authority and score goals, keep a little bit more the control of the game, and in the end, it’s what we are looking for, being more — win the games with more authority. That’s all.

Q. The team was a little bit late coming out to the second half. What was the delay there?

No, you don’t have to read in between lines. We just prepare. We just talk a little bit how we were going to adjust the team for the second half, which it was not many changes. As you can see the only change was Yeferson being more wide and Achara to be a little bit more up front because we felt like we needed a bit more bite inside the box and need a little bit more freedom to Yeferson to move in between lines, and then coming out on the field is just, I don’t know, getting ready. So it’s nothing to read in between.


Q. We’ll just start with your thoughts on the match tonight, please.

I think it was a good match for us, good performance. We go down a goal again, and for the second time in a row, the response was really good. You know, we earn a penalty right after. We miss it but even the response after that was really good and I thought that was important, and so we find the equalizer before the half. Yeah, it was a great match and I thought we played really well. We executed the plan very well and we’re on a roll and we want to keep it going.

Q. It’s two games in a row now where you’ve come-from-behind to record wins whereas early in the season when you conceded first, it was usually meant almost always — do you have a sense of what’s changed? Why are you guys suddenly now able to come from behind?

I think we changed. We were trying to find the right system for the team and because of injuries and certain things we had to adapt, I think we found a system that really suits us and is the best way for to us play and give us a chance to win games. Along with that, you know, getting I think the Miami game brought us a lot of confidence in the way we fought, even going a man down. It’s just going off the confidence of the previous game and we’ve been doing that ever since the Miami game and so every game we’ve had more confidence and even if we go down a goal we can come right back.

Yeah, I think it’s a combination of a lot of things, and you know, guys in the locker room care. There’s guys that really care and want to keep fighting, so we’ll keep doing that.

Q. What’s your thoughts on just how Soteldo is sort of playing these days? He admitted that he’s struggled a little bit missing his family and all that kind of thing. Lately you could see he’s been lights out. Could you offer a comment on how he’s doing and how he’s playing these days?

He’s playing very well. He’s very effective for us and if we move him to the middle playing as kind of a striker, a false nine, and I think that’s suiting him. He’s stretching the back line for us, which I think we need in our team. He’s in the front three with guys that are stretching the back line making a lot of space for them and making them dangerous as well as making space for guys like me and Marc and Michael in the middle.

I think you know people judge him on not scoring goals and stuff but he contributes a lot. He’s been contributing a lot of our goals. He’s been a big part of most of our goals, but I think he’s more of a provider than a goal scorer but it’s good for him. It was good for him to get on the score sheet and that’s going to give him confidence and so I think he’s only going to get better as he figures out the week and gets his confidence, he’ll be more and more effective for us.

Q. As you know, we don’t get to see you much these days. We don’t get to go to training, so we don’t have a sense of what the team is like away from the games. This run the team is on now, the unbeaten run, is it fun coming into work these days or is it going to take a few more wins before fun comes into it?

No, it’s fun. You know, in this line of work, sometimes when things aren’t going good and of course when you’re not winning, you easily forget the blessing that we have; we’re all here doing what we love and we get to do it every day. There’s not many people in this world that get to say that. You know, even more so in the middle of a pandemic when so much things have happened to people and their businesses and things like that, and so you know, when things were bad, we’ll always have to find a way to keep the spirit up, and you always have to find a way to be grateful no matter what. Of course we’re in a business where winning solves everything. Winning, that’s just the way it is, and that’s fine but of course, nowadays we’re winning, so it’s fun. It’s fun but we try to keep it fun every day. We can’t let the setbacks brings us down and bring us down in our lives. We have to always remember, we are privileged to do what we — to be able to do what we do and we have to come to work and not take that for granted and try to use it to get better and have fun and enjoy it even in the hard times. To answer your question, right now it is fun during that unbeaten run.


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