Third inning:

Victor Robles singles.

Stephen Strasburg sacrifices Robles to second.

Trea Turner strikes out.

Adam Eaton singles. Robles scores. 1-0.

Anthony Rendon doubles to left n a sliding drop by Marcel Ozuna. Eaton scores. Eaton scores. 2-0.

Juan Soto walks.

Wild pitch by Jack Flaherty. Rendon to third, Soto to second.

Howie Kendrick doubles. Rendon scores. Soto scores. 4-0.

Ryan Zimmerman grounds out to second.

Fifth inning:

Tyler Webb replaces Flaherty

Eaton grounds out to shortstop.

Rendon singles.

Soto flies out to left.

John Rebbia replaces Webb.

Kendrick doubles. Rendon scores. 5-0.

Zimmerman doubles. Kendrick scores. 6-0.

Sixth inning:

Robles homers to center. 7-0.

Strasburg strikes out.

Genesis Cabrera replaces Brebbia.

Trea Turner grounds out to pitcher.

Eaton flies out to center.

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