“It helps a lot to see pitchers often especially in a series like this. You can see how the ball moves, their tendencies, what makes them good. And then you have a better approach next time you face them. So, yeah, it’s good that we get to face them.” — CARLOS CORREA.

Carlos Correa

October 27, 2019

Washington, D.C. – postgame 5

Houston 7, Washington 1

Q. The count was 0-2 and then you battled back. Describe the at-bat, what did you hit for the home run?
CARLOS CORREA: They were doing a great job of punting me in with the two-seamer, not leaving anything down the middle. And I got that one mistake and I was able to put a good swing on it to hit it for a home run. Joe is a tough pitcher who was commanding the strike zone very well. And that was one mistake he made to me, and I was able to take advantage of it.

Q. How much has it helped to see Doolittle and Hudson as much as you have? And how can that work to your advantage going forward?
CARLOS CORREA: It helps a lot. It helps a lot to see pitchers often especially in a series like this. You can see how the ball moves, their tendencies, what makes them good. And then you have a better approach next time you face them. So, yeah, it’s good that we get to face them.

Q. Alvarez had a great night tonight. When he was at his most frustrated we saw him break a bat, very unusual for him to show that kind of emotion. As his teammate, can you explain how frustrated he was before tonight and how he came out of it?
CARLOS CORREA: Yeah, I just told him that what great players do when they struggle is try to figure out a way to contribute to the game. He went to the cage. He spent time in the cage. He put in his work. And he told me that he was feeling great. I said, It’s your night, brother, let’s go. And he was able to contribute in a big way to the team.

The homer to get the early lead, three singles — the two singles; right? It’s huge to see him swing the bat like that because now we go back home and then he’s our DH at 22 years old for a reason. He’s young and he’s powerful and he’s a great hitter. So we believe in him and we know he’s going to keep doing it.

Q. I saw you and Jose after the game last night singing, clearly had your swagger all the way back. In your opinion, what was the biggest difference here versus what went wrong at home?
CARLOS CORREA: So on the way here from the plane I was talking to him and I was like, Jose, we need to get our swagger back. We’re getting hits and we’re not even getting hyped up. We’re scoring runs and it feels like a regular game. This is the World Series. This is the last series of the season. We need to play like it. We need to give everything we’ve got. Then after the series is over we’re going to be exhausted but we got three months to rest and then show up to Spring Training. Let’s get our swagger back. Let’s play hard. Let’s play with passion. Let’s play like we want it.

And I feel like this last three games we really play like we want this championship. We’ve got to win one more game. Obviously they’ve got a great team on the other side. We have a lot of respect for them and the group of guys they have over there. But we’ve got to go out there and take care of business in Houston.

Q. Specifically before the home run there was a two-strike curveball you took that was borderline. Were you confident in that take and do you think it helped set up your next swing?
CARLOS CORREA: Absolutely. That’s what you call a perfect pitch right there, a pitcher’s pitch. And I was able to lay it off. I thought it was a little off. I haven’t seen a replay of that pitch.

And after that he made a mistake. I feel like the at-bats against me he was throwing the ball wherever he wanted to throw it. After that pitch I could see on his face that he really wanted that pitch. And he was able to make a mistake and I took advantage to that one.

Q. This core has been together for a while and accomplished a lot. But when you see Urquidy having a good game last night and Alvarez, Tucker getting to play, what do you think about the future of this organization, beyond just the core stars?
CARLOS CORREA: I think the future is bright for this organization. I know Jeff is not only planning to be good for two or three years; he is planning for the team to be great for a long time.

That’s why we have so many great young players that has helped contribute throughout these playoffs. Alvarez, Tucker, Urquidy. I mean, Urquidy’s performance last night I think is the best performance from our pitching staff in this World Series. And young guy, Double-A, and then he’s pitching in the World Series, calm, collected, no pressure, just pounding the strike zone against a great lineup like the Nats. That was impressive. That was so much fun to watch. It was really fun to play behind him.

Q. 2017 you guys came back, in that series you win in Los Angeles. What would it mean to you, how do you think you would react if you take these three and potentially win in Houston?
CARLOS CORREA: Wow, obviously we’ve still got a lot of baseball to play. But to answer your question, if we win in front of our fans, it’s just going to be so special. I think I’ll black out for the first time in my life.

Q. Obviously you guys want to finish off this season first, but have you talked as a team, you had this core together, what it means to finish off this great three-year run, three 100-win seasons and two titles, what that would mean?
CARLOS CORREA: We’ve still got to win the title. They’ve got a great team over there. The at-bats they put together, it’s amazing to watch.

But we love each other so much. Like you said, the core of guys that we have in that clubhouse is so special. We’re family. We’ve been playing together so long, some of us since the Minor Leagues, Altuve has been here forever. The bond and the love we have for each other is unbelievable, that’s what makes it seem so special. That’s what makes the chemistry so special, the atmosphere in the clubhouse is unbelievable. When you guys walk in you can see it.

When we talk to our players, come, be a trade or something, they’re like, We’ve never seen anything like this. This is the culture that we want to create for the long run as a Houston Astro. We want to be able to be family in there, we want to be able to compete together, and win together.

Q. Speaking of that core, I think you and Springer have homered in the same postseason games more than any other teammates ever. Do you have any reaction or explanation for that and is that something you guys talk about?
CARLOS CORREA: I mean, that’s awesome. Springer is my boy. I saw him when I got drafted playing Double-A, like a 40-40 season. I was like, This guy is the greatest player ever. He’s unbelievable. When it matters the most in the playoffs, in the World Series, that’s when he comes through for the team. He’s such a special player and not only offensively but defensively as well. It’s awesome we get to do that. That’s great. I didn’t know that.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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