HEAT 121, RAPTORS 110 (OT). POSTGAME QUOTES FROM BOTH TEAMS. “We weren’t as crisp defensively as we usually are. So, move on.” PASCAL SIAKAM.




On not stringing together a bunch of defensive stops in a row… First of all, I thought they played with great energy. I thought they were really flying around at both ends, much, much more than we were. So that was kind of the first thing and then I thought they made really great reads. There is a bunch of pieces to that, they hit the right guy and that right guy made a lot of shots as well, or they took it to the basket and made some good finishes on them. They had some stretches there, like (Justise) Winslow I thought had a good stretch that was really keeping them taking over, and like you said, we couldn’t really string up the consecutive stops.

On Kyle Lowry… It was a tricky one for me tonight. We tried to bring him back, and then he is kind of part of the come back there at the end. Then he made some plays and he was trying everything that he could and he made some good plays. Then you get to overtime, you kind of roll with what you have. Obviously that is not a very good shooting night for him or for Fred (VanVleet), and I would think that if those guys are seven-for-34 we are probably in trouble. Too good of shooters for those kind of numbers.

On Bam Adebayo’s defence on Pascal Siakam… Give Bam some credit, he did a good job. I thought he was physical with him, I thought he moved his feet and kept him in front. Pascal couldn’t get around him, couldn’t get over the top of him very well either, and I thought as well as a team defence, there was a few times I looked when Pascal was in the paint and he had four guys on him. He made a couple of good reads – a kick out to Marc (Gasol) here and there – and he made some shots. They sent a lot of attention to him, but it started with Bam.

On the defence on Jimmy Butler… We were trying to kind of get in and out of stuff with Butler and they probably made us get out of it more than we’d hoped because again, Bam on the offensive end. They were firing it to him and he was throwing fastballs out to the shooters and they were making them. It was tough on us, because again, like I said they were making really good reads. We were maybe a half step slow as well, and we didn’t quite get out to the shooters. It is a couple pass scenario, that we have to protect the rim and then be able to get out to the shooters. Again, we just didn’t have the greatest energy I didn’t think, especially in the first half. I thought they were trying pretty hard in the second half and it was just one of those games where it wasn’t quite bouncing our way.

PASCAL SIAKAM (15 points, 12 rebounds)

What was different tonight on the defensive end of the floor? I don’t know. I think a lot of miscommunications and they shot a lot of open threes and they made them. We weren’t as crisp defensively as we usually are. So, move on.

How much of it are new lineups with guys coming back? I don’t know how that that has an effect. I just know we really shot our rotations and things that we did, extra efforts, we didn’t have.

NORMAN POWELL (23 points, eight rebounds) On Miami and what you saw tonight… They are a high energy team, lead by Jimmy Butler. They’ve got a lot of shooters around him, they play fast, and they play hard offensively and defensively. They are able to get out on transition and create a lot of three-point looks for their shooters.

Is there a transition period when guys return from injury? I think so. When guys go out you have guys step up, guys get more minutes and guys get more opportunity. We were able to find a rhythm with the rotations that were going on when Serge (Ibaka) and Kyle (Lowry) were out. Now that they are back, it’s a little readjustment and for them guys to get adjusted and to the way we were playing and just get their fill and rhythm back to the game of basketball. It’s good, it’s early in the season, so hopefully those guys are able to get adjusted quickly and we will be able to get back into that flow that we had early on with all of us.

KYLE LOWRY (12 points, 11 assists)

When did you decide to play? Right before the game. I shot at like 4:30 and felt okay, felt good. We don’t have many practices, we don’t have time to go out there, so why not go test it against a hard-playing team, and it responded pretty well and it was cool.

On 2-18 shooting … That was terrible. That’s rhythm, I missed shots. I mean honestly I didn’t force anything, I don’t think. I think everything I shot came within the offence and honestly a lot of those threes went in and out. Layups, it’s just rhythm and a little bit of timing, I haven’t really done a basketball-type playing since New Orleans, so that takes a game, but I’m sure I’ll be better next game and there is nothing to be concerned or worried about.

On Miami being a physical team to play … Of course, they are a very physical team and they are a very tough team, well coached and the organization is built a certain way and they came out and showed some grit tonight. We still had a chance to win the game and you can’t get mad at that




On how you feel the way your team finished the game … It showed a great deal of mental toughness, obviously, from the guys in there. It reminded me a little bit of that Milwaukee game, we were up, once we got up eight we just have to execute, get some stops and see if we can come out of there in regulation with a win. We weren’t able to do it, you have credit them. They got to the free throw line and jammed us up on a couple of possessions. And then just to put that all behind us and focus on the overtime, and then we really defended during that stretch. Obviously, Jimmy (Butler) was pretty darn good. At that point, he didn’t have a ton of energy he had already played 40 minutes but it was like, all right, I’m just going to make sure we seal this and that this doesn’t get to a second overtime or even worse, a loss.

When Jimmy is so impactful on the game, how much does it make it easier for the other guys? Where it really helps you are games like this, against a really quality opponent on their home court. You face a little bit of stress and adversity, you know you can just get the ball to somebody and you’re going to get something coherent, somebody that likes those moments and he has an ability to draw fouls, score off the dribble, at the rim, pull-ups. So he can manufacture his own shot at the end of the clock against virtually anybody, and he can also set up other guys. He’s very unselfish and that’s what he’s been doing all year for us, he’s basically been our point guard and getting other guys involved, and then when its closing time he just makes whatever play is needed.

JIMMY BUTLER (22 points, 13 rebounds, 12 assists) On overtime mindset … Keep playing the way I’ve been playing, shoot the ball, pass it, and defend. I think that was the thing we talked about in the huddle. We were going to win it on the defensive end.

Is this game a milestone one for you? I don’t think so. I think that in this locker room, in this organization, this is one that we’re supposed to win. I think we have an opportunity to win any game – home or away. I’m not going to say this was (more) special than any other one. It was just two good teams going at it. We were fortunate enough to do our job.

On Bam Adebayo … Just him being aggressive. He rebounds the ball well. He gets everybody involved and whenever he’s being aggressive trying to score the ball he’s definitely making everybody’s job easier. Like I’ve said over and over again, he’s the heart and soul of this thing, and now that we got Justise (Winslow) back, he’s right up there with him. They’ve been doing this together for so long. They know what it takes to win, and they damn sure know what it takes to win in a Heat uniform.

JUSTISE WINSLOW (17 points, nine rebounds, four assists)

On tonight’s game … This is a constant mentality, that next man up mentality, for us … we did a great job of staying composed and really fighting, staying in the game early. It was just a gritty win. It wasn’t pretty. Our shots weren’t falling throughout the whole game, but we found a way to win and that’s all you can ask for, especially on the road.

On Jimmy Butler … Just his competitiveness. You can feel it defensively and offensively he’s just such a smart player. He finds the advantage and really just takes advantage of it. He makes others better. I mean, the triple-double tonight speaks for itself, but he was doing even more stuff that you won’t see on the box score. Encouraging guys, talking, and being in gaps defensively, so he was fantastic for us.

KELLY OLYNYK (16 points, six rebounds)

On Jimmy Butler… He’s a special player … there’s nothing Jimmy can’t do. He’s a super-unselfish player, but when the moment is there and the time is there, he steps to the plate and knocks sh-t out of the park.

On the first two wins of this road trip … It’s huge. Anytime you go into a trip, especially on the road, (when) you’re playing playoff basketball…you’re going into somebody else’s house, that’s not easy. They hadn’t lost at home this year and to be able to come in here and get this game gives us a boost of confidence … But you can’t feel good about yourself. We’ve got one more job to do on this road trip and it’s going to be tough going back-to-back in another tough environment, but we’re ready for it.

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