LEAFS 5, BLUES 2 QUOTES: “It’s easier to play with a lead, obviously. You’re not chasing anything. You’re trying to keep it simple, obviously keep pushing, but you don’t have to force anything down the middle and play more risky hockey.” — FREDERIK ANDERSEN.


On earning a victory on the road tonight:

Well, we were able to score goals. Obviously, in that first period the puck fell in the net for us, so that was good. It wasn’t without some big saves – right away, right off the start by Freddie. Big saves early, puck fell in the net and then we were really good on special teams.

On Matthews getting back on the scoresheet:

It’s got to feel good for him. I didn’t think about it one second; full confidence it’s going to fall in for him. He’s too good a player for it not to. He’s getting to good a chance for it not to go in. It’s just the ebbs and flows of the season. A lot of little things I think he has been doing really well and gets rewarded for it today.

On the team’s play with the puck and play to retrieve it on defence:

I thought, at times, really good. And then, other times, not as good. I think there will be a lot of examples for us through this game with things we can do better. I thought the Colorado game was better for us in that regard, all the way through. We didn’t get rewarded offensively in the Colorado game. I thought some of the bounces that fell our way was us getting the reward for the last game a little bit. There are some things that we could have done better away from the puck and just managing the game when we had the lead, all those types of things. Playing against a team such as this, they really make it hard on you, you know they’re going to push back. I can see us handle that a little bit better than through the start of the second and the start of the third.

On the effect of having the team’s top scorers in the lineup together:

Well, it makes us a deeper team, it makes us a more dangerous team. It gives us the ability to move things around a little bit, it gives us the ability to have even more weapons on our first power play unit. It makes us a better team. Obviously, those are important people, they’re difference makers and when we have them all in the lineup, it gives us an advantage, for sure.


On tonight’s win:

We had a nice cushion, obviously we made the best of our chances early and we got to play with confidence a little bit better and keep them at bay for longer periods of time. I thought we had really good moments in the game and got rewarded on some of our chances.

On playing with a lead:

I mean, it’s easier to play with a lead, obviously. You’re not chasing anything. You’re trying to keep it simple, obviously keep pushing, but you don’t have to force anything down the middle and play more risky hockey. I think it’s good for us, it’s better to have the lead than not so I think it’s more confidence, more controllable hockey when you have the lead. 


On what lead to his offensive contributions tonight: 

Just good puck movement, I think. We got on them early in the first period. Mitch [Marner] made a great pass to me on the first goal and then Pierre [Engvall] made a great pass on the second, so, set up pretty good.

On why the penalty kill has been successful as of late:

I think we have confidence. I don’t think we were overly terrible before, but I think once you string a couple kills together you start to build confidence and then you start to roll. I think we’re on a bit of a roll here, so we have to keep going.


On a complete effort from the full team tonight:

Yeah, obviously, defending Cup champs, it’s always tough coming into this building. Got off to a good start, Freddie make some big saves and just tried to roll all four lines throughout the game.

On if he felt the puck was following him around tonight:

A little bit, especially that second goal. It just kind of hit a couple bodies and ended up right there and bounced and just tried to chip it in. Had a couple other chances and, like I said the other day, just have to keep shooting the puck and hope it goes in.

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