RAPTORS 110, NETS 102 QUOTES FROM BOTH TEAMS: “That’s Toronto’s strength, they turn you over, they’re an excellent defensive team. I knew coming in that the issue tonight was going to be scoring on these guys. We did not handle the ball well enough. Not only the second unit, I thought the first unit struggled too. So just in general, turnovers were a problem.” — KENNY ATKINSON.




On the game … We had a really, really good offensive flow, I thought, until the fourth. I thought for a long stretch of the season, I didn’t say our offense was beautiful or anything – but it looked organized, and looked like we’re going to the right guys at the right time, and I thought that was the case most of the time tonight until we got a little haywire in two sections of the game.

On the team defence … I have to look at the second half a little bit, but the first half, I looked at a lot of it at halftime and we were really active and we were really flying around and helping each other, chasing a guy off the line and somebody else would fill in and they would kick it again and we would chase them off again. We were really flying around and so that was great to see, and I don’t think I have seen that for a while. I have to check the second half a little bit, film-wise, to get a better read for it, but it certainly (there) was great energy and great team defence in the first half.

On using Patrick McCaw down the stretch in the fourth quarter … I just liked Pat’s energy on defence and (Spencer) Dinwiddie, (Joe) Harris, give him a chance to guard one of those two, probably there biggest threats out there in the game and I thought he was doing a really good job of just fitting in at the offensive end.

On Marc Gasol… I don’t think I would I say in totality here for the season we have been that happy, because I think he’s been a low scoring guy and at times he is a big time scorer, he will hurt you from in and out. So I am glad to see him get some more opportunities, we actually ran a couple plays for post-ups for him tonight that he scored, or else he missed and got his own rebound and put it in back in …scored eventually. I still think he is a threat down there and we have to do a better job of getting him deep touches like that.

PASCAL SIAKAM (30 points, 11 rebounds, five assists)

What worked on defence that created opportunities at the offensive end? Our energy was where we want it to be. We made a lot of mistakes, but we covered it up with our energy, just playing hard and that’s how we have to play every single night. We can’t come in and not play that way because that’s the way we play, so we have to play like that every single night. It starts with me, I have to bring my team to that energy level every single night and I’m going to try my best to do that.

Thoughts on team ball movement tonight… I liked it. We play for each other like we always do. Move the ball around; get the open shots and today they went in, so we have to continue to play.

On Serge Ibaka and Marc Gasol posting double- doubles in same game for first time this season… That’s big for us, we need those guys. A big night for Marc and Serge. They did a hell of a job on defence, rebounding and also scoring, so we are going to need that from them every single night.

NORMAN POWELL (25 points, four rebounds)

Was it good to see shots falling in the first half? I think the way we came out defensively, they hit a couple early shots early on, but after tightening it down a little bit and being able to get out on transition, moving the ball, we were able to find some good looks that were able to go. But I really think tonight’s game was fuelled by the defence we had.

What does getting out on transition do for your game? I think that’s my game. Getting out on transition, attacking early, trying to get into the paint, see what the defence is doing. It allows the flow of the offence to get in there, kick out, next pass, next action, so I think it really gets the offence going when we get deep into the paint, having defences rotating and scrambling around out there help make the kick out. Just staying aggressive when I have those opportunities.

KYLE LOWRY (17 points, four rebounds, six assists)

On having Serge Ibaka and Marc Gasol playing well at both ends of the floor… It’s always good to have that option to go back to traditional basketball. When Serge has got a smaller guy on him, I’m going to go with that, you know those chances every time of him getting rebounds and it’s kind of funny when he has a smaller guy on him, he just turns into even more of a madman. We need that and Marc spaces the floor well, makes the right plays and him and Serge have a good combination down there.



What was the story of the game from your view? The first quarter, they were hot and they got going. Didn’t love how we contested shots – for some reason we weren’t contesting shots the way we needed to, and then after the first quarter our defence settled down. I thought we were pretty good the last three quarters defensively. Then, offensively, two things: we turned it over too much and didn’t make enough shots. I thought we had a lot of open looks, they didn’t go down – but the turnovers hurt us too.

Is ball handling a bit of a problem? I think it is. That’s Toronto’s strength, they turn you over, they’re an excellent defensive team. I knew coming in that the issue tonight was going to be scoring on these guys. We did not handle the ball well enough. Not only the second unit, I thought the first unit struggled too. So just in general, turnovers were a problem.

Did you get the looks from three that you wanted? I thought a lot of good looks. The one I feel you can control are the turnovers. You don’t get a shot, and then usually turnovers turn into great shots for the other team down the other end. You have 20 turnovers, and then you miss the amount of shots we did, it’s just not good enough. We knew we were going to get threes tonight, we knew they pack it in and we were going to get shots. We encourage our guys to shoot them, they just didn’t go in tonight.

TAUREAN PRINCE (14 points, 10 rebounds, two assists)

On tonight’s game… We just missed some shots we usually make. (We) just have to correct that.

What were you seeing defensively? I think we lacked a bit of intensity on the transition defence, but for the most part we were stopping them at halfcourt. I think we could have done a better job in transition. I think that’s on us. I don’t think they did anything that we weren’t expecting or that we couldn’t fix, so that’s a good thing coming out of the game. (There were) a lot of the shots we could have made that we missed (and) that were wide open that we usually hit, but it’s a good learning curve, especially going into Philly tomorrow.

On the turnovers tonight … That’s their job to contest everything. Our job is to continue to move the ball. This is the NBA, so you have to hit shots when people are right in your face. We didn’t hit many, even our wide open ones. I think we had a ton of wide open threes with no contest, so we tried to hit those.

GARRETT TEMPLE (16 points, four rebounds, two assists)

How much of tonight was about making shots? They went (9-of-12) in the first quarter and then it’s tough for us to win (when) I go 2-for-14. We got the shots that we expected to get and we were comfortable with. We’ll take those same exact shots, you know, 100 times out of 100 times when we play. We just have to knock them down at the end of the day and be a little more decisive in transition defence, and take care of the ball. I think we had 20 turnovers, so with a team that plays that fast, when they get out on transition, they are going to make shots (and) get to the rim, and if they’re making threes it’s tough.

What would you attribute the team turnovers to? It might have been a case where we were trying to play, and you know, got caught up in their pace. Like I said, they were playing really fast, but just those few unforced turnovers that we could have not had. They are a long team. That’s what they do. They create turnovers. Got to give them some credit, but I think a lot of it was unforced.

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