LEAFS 5, PREDS 2–WHAT THEY SAID: “I think I’ve had a lot of dreams about how I would have celebrated. I don’t think I did any of them today except for the screaming so that was a great feeling.” –RASMUS SANDIN ON HIS FIRST NHL GOAL.


On what he liked about the team’s performance tonight:

I liked it through different periods of the game. I thought we did a really nice job of doing the things that we wanted to do. You get the sense going in it wasn’t going to look pretty all the time in a game like this, you’re not really sure what you’re going to get coming off that type of a break. But, all in all, I thought that we executed well enough, obviously to score enough goals to put us in a good spot. I liked parts of the game and other parts that we want to make sure we continue to grow on for sure.

On Sandin scoring his first goal and the poise he has shown since his recall:

I’m pumped for him to score the goal. It was a big goal for us at that point in the game as well. I’m not surprised by the poise. I’ve come to expect that from him. I think we all have. He showed that through training camp and through this first recall as well, I think. He’s building really nicely there for us he and fits in well too just having another player who puts the puck into our forwards’ hands well and keeps the offence moving.

On Muzzin’s play after his conditioning stint with the Marlies:

The guys were giving him a little crap for that after the game. It was a great recall; I think he got the ball after the game. So, it’s good. I talked to Muzz about that situation. It was a good chance for him to kind of knock the rust off like you inevitably have to do. It just makes a little more sense to get it done there rather than here. So, today is another step in that process for him building up the confidence again and just continuing to get better and more comfortable in games.


On the club’s strong second period:

Yeah, we definitely quieted down the game a little bit. We got the lead obviously after the first and I thought we did a good job of not forcing too much, trying to slow things down and making sure we didn’t turn the puck over as much at crucial sports. I thought we played really smart.

On how he remained calm in the third period:

Good habits, I think, most importantly. I thought we did a good job.


On how tonight felt for him:

For me personally it felt pretty good. Glad I went down and played a game and got that feel back in me. Felt like my hands felt good out there and I was moving the puck well and stuff like that, so it was good for me.

On what he liked from the team:

A bunch of stuff. We created lots. There’s still some areas where we can improve on as far as having an F3 and not diving in. I think we had a few too many turnovers, allowing them to gain access in our zone very easily. If we can manage the puck a little bit better, I think we have an even better result. I liked our O-zone play. I thought we created lots, capitalized on some chances. It was a good first game back.


On scoring his first career NHL goal:

I’m going to remember that for the rest of my life for sure.

On how the goal happened:

I was just standing a little bit behind the play and then the puck just popped out. I saw it at the last second and he was covering the low ice and leaning forward so I just tried to put it high and lucky it went it.

On his celebration:

I think I’ve had a lot of dreams about how I would have celebrated. I don’t think I did any of them today except for the screaming so that was a great feeling.


On his goal tonight:

There was some traffic there and Holl did a great job of getting to the middle that allowed me to kind of walk and come right down. When you’ve got time like that you can usually try to pick a spot, so it worked out well.

On the performance of the team overall:

Just a good response. Coming out a break can be difficult games and I thought it was a good match for our team. Coming out and getting a lead, I thought we controlled play for a lot of the time. I still think there are still things we can do better but for the most part we did a lot of good things and that’s why we got rewarded with a win.

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