TRAIKOS: Dangerous Maple Leafs team may not even make the playoffs — Toronto Sun

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TRAIKOS: Dangerous Maple Leafs team may not even make the playoffs — Toronto Sun

Off the record, the coach was confused.

This is a coach who has seen the Toronto Maple Leafs a lot this season. Seen them score a ton of goals. Seen how Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner have worked their magic on a line together, how William Nylander has rebounded after a miserable season and how Sheldon Keefe has freed the team offensively.

He’s seen them dominate. But at the same time, he’s also seen them grossly underachieve.

This could be a Stanley Cup winner, said the coach. Well, if they can reach the playoffs first.

“I actually don’t mind their team,” the Eastern Conference coach, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said of the Leafs during the All-Star break. “I can’t say that it’s a bad team. It’s a weird team.”

He then added: “I still wouldn’t want to face them in the first round.”

One thought on “TRAIKOS: Dangerous Maple Leafs team may not even make the playoffs — Toronto Sun”

  1. JT wasn’t Keefe’s choice as Captain, and perhaps isn’t his choice either.

    Only he knows this and perhaps JT senses it or feels it.

    Without being at any practices and seeing who couzies up to the new coach, one can only guess.
    However, I do see a reduced icetime and no Marner on his line as much.
    So it would seem that he’s not Keefe’s go to guy and that is enough to cause stress for Travarse.
    So Keefe makes himself look good by getting Nylander and Mathews to produce, but hard not to produce when you have Marner feeding you.
    I think the Leafs owe it to Tavarse to keep rolling him out with Marner.
    I also hear that Byfuglien is available. Well, I do believe the Leafs would have the necessary evil to deal with Marchand, Chara and the Bruins if they signed him. In fact, I think it would scare them, ….. and the rest of the league for that matter as well.
    Thats my 2 cents worth. Let hope it’s worth more.


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