PHILADELPHIA 5, TFC 0: “What went wrong, it was wrong from start to finish.” — Greg Vanney.



PHI – Sergio Santos 27’ (Kai Wagner)

PHI – Mark McKenzie 33’ (Kacper Przybylko, Jamiro Monteiro)

PHI – Jamiro Monteiro 56’ (Kacper Przybylko)

PHI – Sergio Santos 63’ (Kai Wagner)

PHI – Sergio Santos 68’ (Brenden Aaronson)


PHI – Jamiro Monteiro 9’ (caution)

TFC – Auro 10’ (caution)

PHI – Andre Blake 64’ (caution)

TFC – Patrick Mullins 73’ (caution)


TORONTO FC:                         12-3-5   41 PTS.

PHILADELPHIA UNION:            12-3-5   41 PTS.


  • Ralph Priso and Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty both made their Toronto FC and MLS debuts in tonight’s match, both coming on as substitutes
  • Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty becomes the youngest player in club history to play for Toronto FC


TORONTO FC – Quentin Westberg; Richie Laryea, Omar Gonzalez, Laurent Ciman, Auro (Justin Morrow HT’); Michael Bradley (C), Marky Delgado (Liam Fraser HT’), Nick DeLeon (Ralph Priso 64’); Tsubasa Endoh, Alejandro Pozuelo (Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty 72’), Erickson Gallardo (Patrick Mullins 35’)

Substitutes Not Used: Kevin Silva, Tony Gallacher, Jayden Nelson, Jacob Shaffelburg

PHILADELPHIA – Andre Blake; Raymon Gaddis, Jakob Glesnes, Mark McKenzie, Kai Wagner; Jose Martinez (Jack Elliott 74’), Alejandro Bedoya (C) (Ilsinho 82’), Jamiro Monteiro, Brenden Aaronson (Anthony Fontana 82’); Kacper Przybylko (Cory Burke 69’), Sergio Santos (Andrew Wooten 69’)

Substitutes Not Used: Joe Bendik, Aurelien Collin, Olivier Mbaizo, Cole Turner


You’re missing some big names and playing a good team but tough one tonight, what went wrong, is this the kind of performance that you have words with your team?

“What went wrong, it was wrong from start to finish. We weren’t close to them the entire night really. We weren’t in good spots for each other, we weren’t clear in terms of the stepping out in how we were going to defend, we couldn’t put passes together and they were just at a different speed then we were that’s for sure. So, part of it is we need to put it behind us but part of it is we need to recognize and just a reminder at this time of the year you physically got to be out ready to compete and battle, fight for balls and win tackles and all of those things first and foremost and then you can play, you got to be strong when you’re holding up the ball, the ball has to move a lot quicker, a lot of that stuff has to happen and tonight it didn’t. Yeah we’re missing some guys but guys had the opportunity to step in and try to show that this time of year they might be able to help us and again from start to finish it was never right and we were too far away from them for much of the night, they had way too much time on the ball. If there were duals, we lost most of them so that’s something that has to be cleaned up. So, 100% we will discuss this, but we also have to put it behind us because we got a game in another few days.”

Thoughts on Ralph and Jahkeele’s debuts…

“I wish it was in a game that was closer but in the end their opportunity came, and I thought they came on and did fine. By the time they came on in the game there wasn’t a lot left in it. I thought Jahkeele was spry, he had himself a great opportunity, the best one that we had all game, I thought he was busy and active. I think, Ralph came on and was able to get the game under him a little bit and help us to win a couple balls and help us move the ball forward a little bit. So, it was nice for those guys to just get a feel for it all. It’s unfortunate it was on a night like tonight where a lot of other things weren’t going well but I’m at least happy for them to at least get a sniff.”

Not often we see three substitutions before the second half, can you walk us through those changes?

“With the way the game was going in the first half I just felt like we needed an outlet on some level. We weren’t able to combine through them, we weren’t moving quick enough, the ball wasn’t moving quick enough for us to play through their pressure. We needed an outlet at some point so we got Pat on to try and give us at least something that if we had to play a little more direct we could compete a little bit better to hold things up or knock things down so that was the Pat scenario. Then the two at half-time were Marky, we needed to get off just to check on him, he was getting a little tight there and we needed really for precaution as well as concern we had to get him off of the field. Justin in for Auro, more to get Justin ready and moving forward, put a left footed player on that side so he could drive forward a little bit more to get us out of pressure if we needed to, nothing more than that, to get some guys going. Justin who hasn’t played in a few weeks and also to try to protect Marky a little bit, hopefully whatever he’s feeling is not anything for us to be too concerned about.”


How easy is it to put a performance like that behind you?

“Anybody who has played or has been a part of football understands that unfortunately there are night’s like this. They’re not fun, there’s no excuses but unfortunately, it’s just part of it sometimes. We have a really good team and we’ve had a really good team over the past handful of years and we’ve been fortunate enough and good enough to make sure that night’s like this are as few and far between as possible but the reality is still that it can happen to anybody. The reality is very simple, we are going to make sure that we use it as a real reminder for us as we go into this last part of the season and into the playoffs of what games this time of year are like of the way that some of these different teams try to make the game hard on us, we’re going to use it as a reminder about what our mentality and just commitment and focus has to be like at the beginning of games and so were going to use it in all the right ways and at the same time we’re going to get back to Hartford and we’re going to wake up in the morning and in all the right ways we’re going to completely move on and get ourselves ready for Wednesday.”

How difficult is it to see through the 90 minutes when it seems like at every step, every turn something is going wrong?

“That part of it is real. The challenge of still finishing out a game when you’ve had a night like that, when you get into the middle of the second half and now there’s no chance to win, to still find the right way to finish the game, that part is not fun but it’s just something that everybody has to deal with. To answer the first part of your question, like I said we’re going to look at certain things, we’re going to talk about certain things, we’re going to make sure we use it as a reminder, as a recalibration of what we need to be about as we move into these last few games of the regular season and into the playoffs. But again, there’s no time to feel sorry for ourselves, and nobody’s panicking, I promise you that.”

Debuts for Ralph and Jahkeele, what did you see from them tonight and what have you seen from them in training in terms of their development and being ready for this stage…

“Let’s be honest, that’s far and away the best part of the night is that two young Toronto boys from our academy who’ve worked hard to sign first team contracts and now push themselves in this last stretch in training every single day. They both get the opportunity to make their debut, to get on the field and both of them showed that they are not going to be fazed one bit. Certainly, for all us on the inside of the group and hopefully for everybody connected to the club, the coaches in the academy that they’ve had along the way, their parents, their families, that should be a really proud moment.”


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