The Toronto Maple Leafs announced Thursday that they have signed defenceman Travis Dermott to a two-year contract extension. The average annual value of the contract is worth $1.5 million.

Dermott, 24, skated in 51 regular season games with the Maple Leafs during the 2020-21 season, recording six points (two goals, four assists), and appeared in three playoff games for the club. The Newmarket native has registered 47 points (11 goals, 36 assists) in 208 regular season games and five points (two goals, three assists) in 22 playoff games, all with the Maple Leafs.

Dermott was originally selected by Toronto in the second round (34th overall) of the 2015 NHL Draft.


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Asked about averaging 25 PPG and becoming an All-Star, Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma: ‘I definitely can’ — ProBasketballTalk | NBC Sports




TOR – Yeferson Soteldo 9’ (Auro Jr.)

TOR – Kemar Lawrence 15’ (Alejandro Pozuelo)

TOR – Tsubasa Endoh 24’ (Yeferson Soteldo)

NE – Carles Gil 56’

NE – Adam Buksa 78’ (Emmanuel Boateng)


TOR – Mark Delgado 55’ (caution)

NE – Tommy McNamara 75’ (caution)

TOR – Nick DeLeon 89’ (caution)


Toronto FC                                2-8-2    8 points

New England Revolution 7-3-3    24 points


TORONTO FC – Alex Bono; Auro Jr., Omar González, Luke Singh, Kemar Lawrence; Michael Bradley (C), Mark Delgado, Tsubasa Endoh (Nick DeLeon 73’), Alejandro Pozuelo, Yeferson Soteldo (Dom Dwyer 84’); Ayo Akinola (Patrick Mullins 77’)

Substitutes Not Used: Kevin Silva, Noble Okello, Ralph Priso, Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty, Jayden Nelson, Jacob Shaffelburg

NEW ENGLAND REVOLUTION – Brad Knighton; Brandon Bye, Andrew Farrell, Henry Kessler, DeJuan Jones (Arnór Ingvi Traustason 72’); Matt Polster (Tommy McNamara 46’, Edward Kizza 86’), Maciel, Teal Bunbury (Emmanuel Boateng 64’), Carles Gil (C), Adam Buksa; Gustavo Bou

Substitutes Not Used: Earl Edwards Jr., Jonathan Bell, A. J. DeLaGarza, Wilfrid Kaptoum, Scott Caldwell


  • Yeferson Soteldo registered his first goal and assist for Toronto FC.
  • Kemar Lawrence scored his first goal for Toronto FC.
  • Tsubasa Endoh scored his 10th goal for Toronto FC in all competitions.
  • Dom Dwyer made his 200th MLS regular season appearance tonight, split between Sporting Kansas City, Orlando City SC and Toronto FC.
  • Javier Pérez earned his first MLS victory as coach of Toronto FC.


Q. Congratulations on your first win at the helm.

Thank you.

Q. You didn’t have much time with the team before this game. Can you tell us what your main message was to the team? It clearly worked.

Yeah, so I think I mentioned this in the press conference before traveling. We have very limited time, just two days to prepare. The first day we worked on our defensive shape, how we were going to prepare the team against New England, and the second day we work about how we were going to play with the ball. So I think the game reflects both parts of the game that we worked on in training.

Defensive part, at the same time, I like how the team knew how to suffer and get the result and get the job done.

Q. Can you say how much a win does to take the weight off the shoulders of the team and the players do you think this win is?

Yes, I thinks have a very important win because not only for what just happened during the past week but it’s been extremely tough for the players and staff to be away from home, away from their families, and it was kind of very important to put together a good performance, not only to win, but to put together a good performance to believe, again, in us, and I think the team responded. I think the team put together a good performance.

So to answer your question, I think it was a big weight that the players took off their shoulders.

Q. This was the first game where Soteldo and Pozuelo started with each other. What did you make of their collective performance between the two?

I think taking advantage of their ability. Alejandro is a magnificent player with the ball. He’s a player that change the tempo of the game, and Yeferson is a player that can take one, maybe two players by himself. He can hold the ball.

So, basically take advantage of the characteristics of both of them.

Q. Was that your first match as a head coach, if so, how did you enjoy the view from the coach’s box on the sideline, and what goes into the notebook we saw you scribbling in?

What goes into that notebook? A lot of things. A lot of things.

The credit is to the players. The coaches, we are there to support them, to help them, try to read what is in the game before the game to think about different possibilities that can happen.

The beauty of the game is that always it’s going to happen but it’s not in the notebook and you have to react to that. So the notebook helps, but in the end, the players are the ones, they make the performances.

Q. Is there an update on the status of Chris Mavinga? I noticed he was out of the 18 tonight.

Yes, Chris, we kept him out as a precaution because he has some discomfort, so that’s the only reason why Chris was out.

Q. The team is coming home now. You don’t play until July 17th. What is your plan? Will the team get some time off to go back to their homes and families or will you go straight back to practice?

No. The team is, as I said before, it’s been a really challenging time for everybody, players as well as staff. They need to go home. They need to see their families. Some of the players, they have never been in Toronto. They need to settle down. So they are going to have some days off. They are going to come back happy to the training facility we have waiting for us in Toronto. We have an amazing stadium, and hopefully we have, as well, the fans waiting for us in the stadium.

And that’s what they need, just some days off to settle down in Toronto, and then we will go back to business, go back to work.

Q. Is there an update on your situation? Obviously we’re assuming that you’re going to be coaching the next game, but have you been given any type of formal update on your situation as a head coach?

Yes, I think I mentioned this before. I was going to take today, today’s game, as my next challenge, and I think right now, the answer is the same. My next challenge is June 17 at home, and get three points over there. So if the management doesn’t communicate to me anything different, I will be taking that challenge.

Q. Perhaps you could ask for a raise.

Excuse me?

Q. Perhaps you could ask for a raise.

Let’s keep winning.


Q. Can you give us an idea of what that win meant to you guys after going through so much leading up to tonight’s game?

It meant everything. You know, collectively, individually, honestly. It was much needed. We played hard. We came out strong. I mean, you know, it was just we gave it all, and it’s something that we showed on the field.

Q. Obviously you must be happy to be going home back to Toronto. Can you tell us what the feeling is in the locker room about coming back north of the border?

You know, all I can say is that we are all excited to be back in Toronto after spending time for, I don’t know, more than three months in Orlando. You know, it wasn’t easy but we adjusted. It just is what it is. We are professionals, so we adjusted.

So, yeah, but we are excited to be back home, hopefully in front of fans.

Q. And can you tell us, was the game plan different going into this game? You didn’t have much time with Javier, but what was his message to you in the couple of days you had working with him?

It was like you said, it wasn’t much time to prepare for this game. So you know, we only had a couple days to get ready for this game.

So it wasn’t easy, but it was clear collectively what we need to do, and you know, each player did everything. Each player gave everything on the field. I mean, you know, you just leave it on the field, and we got those three points and that was definitely much needed as a team and we can move forward from here.

Q. Do you feel like that was a better representation of what this team is capable of than the previous six, seven, eight matches have been?

It’s hard to compare. I mean, like, you know, it’s just one game. But you know, it was just a fresh energy from the team. We knew what we need to do on the field, and there’s no talk. We just have to show on the field, and that’s what we do, right.

So we just go out there and we got the three points and hopefully, you know, it will get better from now on.

Q. You’ve only started one game this season, I believe, before this, and that was all the way back on May 15th against New York City FC. Why has it been, I guess, tough for you to get playing time here?

Well, I think I missed the whole preseason because of my injury. I had a surgery, and it hasn’t been easy to get in the mix. And as a player, it’s honestly tough to miss the whole preseason, and just coming into the game and try to understand what the new coach is trying to do.

So I mean, for me, that’s part of the reason why. But even after I came back from surgery, I was struggling a little bit. So it wasn’t — I wasn’t feeling my best. So that was definitely part of it.

But now I’m feeling 100 percent. I’ve been ready, so like I said, I have not been playing in the last couple, I don’t know, back in 2019, first part of 2019. I just had to keep my head down and keep training. You just need to keep training hard, and you know, be ready. Be ready for this kind of opportunity, and then once it’s laid out in front of you, you just need to take it. I’ve been saying that or I’ve been telling myself that for every single time every single year when I first was out of university, right.

So, you know, that’s all you can do. That’s all you can control. So, yeah, I’ve been ready. I’m not the type of guy who complains, go to the coach or whatever. So, just, you know, keep my head down and just be ready for this kind of opportunity. That’s it.

Q. Going forward as a team right now, what do you guys think you have to like sort of concentrate on to sort of keep your play at a consistent level where you can start to get points?

Can you repeat that.

Q. Sure, I’ll repeat that. What part of your game as a team do you think you have to concentrate on or work on or keep a consistent performance going forward?

Personally, a discipline. We just need to be disciplined defensively, offensively. You know, we have a lot of probably players on our team that offensively we can damage the opponents.

But then defensively, you know, we just need to be on the same page, and collectively understand each other. Then, you know, if we don’t concede a lot of goals, we can definitely win the game because we have a lot of talented, attacking players. We showed today that we could score goals. So that showed on the field, and yeah, we just need to keep building on.

Q. On a lighter note, what’s the first thing you do when you get back to Toronto? I don’t suppose you have any plants that need watering at your place or anything like that?

The first thing I’ll do, probably, maybe I’ll go to a restaurant and go to patio and feel like a normal person again (smiling.)


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