LEAFS 2, HABS 1: What they said.

Q. Kristen Shilton: Sheldon what did you think of the team’s overall effort tonight?
Sheldon Keefe: I thought obviously the first 10 minutes we were not good; it took us a while to get
comfortable in the game but from then on I thought the effort was really strong. Guys worked and
competed; it was a tight game right till the end. Happy that we found our way to be on the right side of
it of course.
Joshua Clipperton: What was it like having a full building here tonight?
Sheldon Keefe: Outstanding. Right from the time that I walked out onto the bench for the introductions
it was different. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the place full like that. I thought the crowd was
engaged right from the start. We needed Soupy to hold us in early and they were engaged all the way
through. That five-on-three penalty kill they were outstanding. I thought they were a real factor in the
game today and you could feel it on the bench, the energy was there in game like this where it’s so close
it was really great to see all our fans back.
Q. Chris Johnston, Toronto Star: How important is it for you to have a skill set like Kampfs when you
face that long three-on-five?
Sheldon Keefe: It’s a great tool for us, that’s why we were really happy to be able to add him. He’s a
unique player for us. He’s got a different skill set than a lot of our guys, he’s really strong in faceoffs,
especially on his left side and his penalty killing is really good but his line five-on-five was really good as
well, they got chances and spent a lot of time in the offensive zone. I thought Kampf was really good and
so were Kase and Engvall.
Q. Lance Hornby, Toronto Sun: How big was the five-on-three? Yours and David Kampf’ s shot block
and all those little things?
Justin Holl: For sure I think the penalty kill was a huge factor tonight and anytime you can win or tie a
special teams battle we’re pretty confident in our ability at five-on-five. The block I think I should have
had that seam in the first place so its probability shouldn’t have happened in the first place but always
feels good to make a big play for the team.
Q. Mark Masters, TSN: What did you think of the atmosphere here tonight?
Justin Holl: It was awesome. You really take for granted playing in front of fans when you have a year
like last year where weren’t able to, so it was really terrific and it powered us no question about it.
Q. Mark Masters: How did you feel about your game tonight?
Pierre Engvall: Felt pretty good, I got to play with Kampf and Kase and I felt like we had chemistry right
away. We let in one goal there in the first period but otherwise I think we played hard and got a lot of ozone shifts and I’m happy with the game.
Q. Chris Johnston, Toronto Star: When you play with those two guys, what is the focus of the line?
What are your trying to do?
Pierre Engvall: I think we’re starting in the d-zone and trying to play them tough there and not give
them much and then use our skill and speed to create offense and I think we showed that today. We
played hard down there but always got a lot of offensive shifts.
Q. Marty Klinkenberg, Globe and Mail: What was that first 5 to 10 minutes like for you?
Jack Campbell: It was fun, I mean to have everyone back in the building it was electric. I thought the
boys did a great job of responding after they scored, and we really executed the game plan and I think
the crowd gave us the advantage tonight to give us the advantage and a huge two points.
Q. Lance Hornby, Toronto: The electricity really came into play during the third period five-on-three, it
got really loud and you were getting support with some shot blocks.
Jack Campbell: It was amazing, Justin Holl single handedly had the game saver there. Everybody was
blocking shots the whole night on the PK. They were moving it around pretty good but anytime they got
a look we were blocking it, so the boys played amazing in front of me tonight.
Q. Mark Masters, TSN: On your goal, why did you delay it the way you did?
William Nylander: I don’t know, it just happened. It’s just what happened out there. I didn’t really plan
on doing anything It’s just the way it unfolded.
Q. Joshua Clipperton, Canadian Press: What does it say about Jacks play, especially early where
Montreal didn’t give up much?

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