Q: Sheldon, you can’t be happy, what are your thoughts after that game?
“I have a lot of thoughts obviously. Not many good ones. I thought that after the first little segment in the first period we found our game and I thought we were going really well. I thought we started the second period, the first couple of shifts, really well. Offence in our zone, we were moving around a little
bit, we had some chances, and then had a turnover in the offensive zone and didn’t have structure coming back. Ends up in our net and before we’re gathered it’s in our net again and it’s 3-1. It got away on us. It got away on us there and then obviously there’s a lot of things to not be happy about from that
point on but tough game to assess in a lot of ways because I thought we were going pretty well there for a good chunk of time and then two pucks are in our net in a hurry and the game really changed from there. I didn’t like how we managed it from that point on. It’s tough playing from behind, we’ve been
doing it too much here lately and this one got away from us. We give Pittsburgh full marks, they were fast and competitive all through the game. They don’t make it easy on you. So at times when we were careless with the puck they made us pay for it and it was pretty consistent all the way through.”
Q: What’s the concern level for yourself, and Auston and Mitch, that it’s not really going here with goals?
“Well, when you give up – what was it? – 12 in two games, we could have scored four or five but it wouldn’t have mattered so first we have to take care of the areas defensively. I think the type of players
we are and the skillsets we have, you just continue to work at it and do the right things, play a strong game and trust and believe in yourself. I think history will tell us that eventually you’re going to break through and find a way. You’ve just got to continue to stay with it and work at your game and find ways
to help the team in all areas.”
Q: Was there something with the chemistry that’s perhaps not working? There were a lot of passes
that just weren’t connecting.

“I think we’ve had opportunities through all six games so far this year. Certainly there’s been times the
puck hasn’t gone in. At times, we probably haven’t been as clean on plays but when you see some of the
goals that are being scored, there’s a lot of goals just going off people and in right now. We’ve just got to
continue to stay with it. Spezza’s group has scored some goals on second efforts and second and third
opportunities and just staying on pucks and hounding it. That’s what you’ve got to continue to do when
things aren’t coming as easy or not going in the way you’d like it to. It’s a long season and we’ve just got
to keep our foot on the gas and take care of our overall game and eventually that’ll come.”
Q: How concerned are you after tonight’s result?

“I don’t think we can be concerned. We’re still early in the season. Obviously, it’s not what we wanted but day off tomorrow in Carolina. Fresh page. Just make sure we go over what we did wrong tonight. We know a lot of the things we did wrong. We’ve got to make sure we’re covering each other, helping each
other out. We didn’t do a very good job of that tonight so we’ve just got to make sure we get ready for Carolina. It’s obviously a good team over there. We’ve got to make sure we bounce back

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