“It’s hockey, injuries happen and you find out more about other guys. I don’t know the extent of this. I don’t know if it’s a few days or weeks or whatever. There’s no sense on dwelling on it. Someone else gets an opportunity. Let’s go.” –MIKE BABCOCK ON MITCH MARNER’S ANKLE INJURY.


On tonight’s game:

I thought the first about six minutes we were all over the place and then we seemed to settle in and get playing. I actually thought it was a good hockey game up and down the rink. We had opportunity, they had opportunity. Unfortunate that they got the second point and we didn’t.

On how Kapanen fared on Tavares’ wing after the Marner injury:

We just put him there, obviously he can skate. I thought he worked hard here tonight. They had some looks. Obviously, you don’t expect Moore to be playing there either, but that’s just the way it is. We had a lot of guys play hard tonight.

On what he thought when he saw Marner injured on the ice:

Well, I mean, what are you going to do? It’s hockey, injuries happen and you find out more about other guys. I don’t know the extent of this. I don’t know if it’s a few days or weeks or whatever. There’s no sense on dwelling on it. Someone else gets an opportunity. Let’s go.

On the connection between Matthews and Nylander tonight:

I thought – [Johnsson] plays on their line too – I thought they were our best line. In the first they were our only line that really generated. I thought they were good, though.

On Dermott getting his first goal of the season after his return from injury:

It’s good for him. I thought he played good today. You know, it’s all part of earning your confidence back, it doesn’t matter who you are when you come back and you haven’t played, you don’t feel exactly perfect. It takes you some time normally. Good for Dermy tonight, he made some good plays.


On what has enabled him to play well over his last 10 starts:

I just try to be good with my depth and try to read the play a little bit more and be a little bit deeper, I try to take my eyes back when I have a chance. I think we’ve been playing well too. We’ve been playing better and better. I don’t think we had the best start tonight, but obviously we got better as we went on and we were able to get a point out of it.

On Giroux’s slap shot goal in the shootout:

Maybe it was frustration from last time and they ran out of ideas. It worked this time. Obviously, it sucks to lose that way but [Couturier] made a nice move as well.


On scoring his first of the season to cut the lead in half:

Yeah great feed by Will [Nylander], he happened to look up at the last second there and catch me coming in late, fed me with a good pass and I got lucky with some ice open and the glove side there. Nice to be able to contribute like that but obviously not the end result we wanted so back to the drawing board, back to the video, learn from our mistakes tonight but I think there are also some positives that we can ride on and try to keep the momentum going.

More on his first goal of the season:

Yeah, I think that was pretty much the exact same spot I scored my first goal so nice little flash back there – from Willy too — so that was awesome. It gets the adrenaline going even more than it usually is so it’s nice to see the boys getting excited for you like that and definitely makes you feel right back in it.


On the club’s resilience after being down 0-2 in the first period:

Yeah, I mean, I think we just tried to stick with it and claw our way back and we were able to do that. Obviously, forced overtime but you really want to get that extra point especially with how hard we worked to get back in that situation. So, just a bit frustrating, but put our best foot forward and get ready for tomorrow.

On if he tried the lacrosse style goal or faked it before setting up Nylander to tie the game:

I tried it but didn’t get it on my stick so just made the pass instead.


On the club’s resilience after being down 0-2 and losing Marner to injury:

I thought we battled back, it’s always good if you’re down 0-2 to come back and score two goals. We didn’t go all the way but we’ve got to take that part with us.

On his goal to tie the game:

Auston [Matthews] made a great pass. I was just backside and he put it right on my tape so I just put it in.

On Matthews’ lacrosse style goal attempt:

Yeah, I think he was trying to, but didn’t get it up on his stick. So, it was close but it ended up right on my tape so it was nice.


On losing Marner to injury in the second period:

Obviously, it’s not something we want to happen. He’s such a big part of our team, plays a very significant role and makes great plays. Not ideal, but I thought the group responded well and had every opportunity to win it. Hopefully it’s nothing very serious and he’s back as soon as he can.

On what the team did to get back in the game:

I think we knew there was a lot of hockey left. I don’t think we ever felt terrible about the way we were playing. We knew we could just keep pushing and find another level and just try to get through the neutral zone a little better than we did at times and have some good offensive zone time, which led to some good opportunities and the two goals that gave us a chance.

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