RAPTORS 132, HORNETS 96 POSTGAME QUOTES: “I wish they would catch the guy who does it once in a while. That is two games (Anunoby) has gotten hit in the head and nobody sees anything.” –NICK NURSE



On the team’s 40 assists …
We did a really good job, started early. Even though there were some long possessions early in the game, I thought we kept staying with things and ended up getting good shots even late in the shot clock. Then the threes starting going in like crazy in the second half and that always helps your assist numbers. But yeah, that is awesome to see. So many guys with such big numbers and it was just kind of from start to finish really.
On OG Anunoby getting hit in the eye again tonight …
I wish they would catch the guy who does it once in a while. That is two games he has gotten hit in the head and nobody sees anything.
He jump-started us there in the second half, I don’t know how many he made – four for sure in the third, four threes, I think, and a couple of them were dribble to the left late in clock a little bit. So those were big, I think that helped us gain a lot of momentum. It was good to
see, I didn’t think that he played that great in Dallas off the little time off and he was medium in the first half even I thought tonight. So it was good to see him get a boost of confidence there and play so great in the second half.
How much of that is OG’s confidence?
Yeah, I think it’s confidence, it’s just part of getting out there a little bit. I think … you can remember all those times he’d catch it and always pump fake it and they’d stay close and short on him, so he would still be able to take it again. He has just kind of worked that out
of his game for the most part where he is feet are ready and that’s a tribute to him to working on getting his feet and his hands (ready). I always say you have to have your feet ready, your hands ready and in between your ears ready to shoot. He has worked on all of that.
On the team’s rebounding…
We did talk about it a couple of times today. We said that we thought we had been trying really hard and battling on the glass and coming up a little short on the numbers some games. I said let’s keep the same battle but let’s win the rebound battle tonight. I wasn’t
faulting the effort or the attempts to block out or any of those things, the ball was a little tricky a few times in a couple of games and
tonight it wasn’t. Tonight we really did a good job chasing it down but it was on our board as a focus. Win the rebound battle and we win
the game is kind of what we were saying going into tonight, so they did a good job taking that from the board to the floor.
TERENCE DAVIS II (16 points, seven assists)
On setting a career high in points…
I just wanted to show that I can play in this league, bring energy. These guys handle their business on and off the court, so this is a
great organization to be part of.
Why was the ball moving so well tonight?
That’s just how we play. Our game is based on next action and anytime you get the ball moving that means the defence is moving.
That’s how we play and these guys are champions and it works.
RONDAE HOLLIS-JEFFERSON (15 points, eight rebounds)
On putting a focus on rebounding tonight…
It’s big. We got outrebounded last game, so just trying to come out, get my hands on any loose balls and rebound that I can was big for
As a rebounder, how much is it wanting the ball?
It’s a mix of everything. Wanting the ball, being in the right place, going to get it, believing that your teammates will box out along with
yourself. It’s a lot of variables with rebounding. For the most part you have to have that will to go get it.
How scary is it to see OG get hit in the eye again?
We were just joking about that on the bench towards the end of the game, “you are going to have to wear the Bane mask pretty soon
just to keep people out of your eyes.” He laughed. It’s definitely scary to see, it’s part of the game, you never know what can happen.
You just want to play basketball at the end of the day.

OG ANUNOBY (24 points, five rebounds)
Are you going to start wearing the mask pretty soon?
I may try it out tomorrow at practice. We’ll see.
On experimenting with wearing goggles during warm up in Dallas…
I just needed more time. I’ve got wear them for practice first and then see how it goes.
How comfortable are you shooting threes?
How much more comfortable? I work on it every day, so each day I get more comfortable with it.

On the difference in the second half …
I think OG’s (Anunoby) threes made a huge difference. He made some tough shots off the bounce. He hit, I think, three of his threes …
off the bounce. Then we couldn’t find any traction offensively, and then we turned it over. So it was a combination of them making
shots, making threes, us turning it over and not running good offence, not making shots which led to their easy baskets going the other
way in transition.
Anything you are able to take from tonight…
What I’ll take from tonight is the aggressive team always wins, nine out of ten times the aggressive team always wins. I think overall
Toronto was the more aggressive, more physical team tonight.
BISMACK BIYOMBO (13 points, two blocks) On the Raptors second half … They got more aggressive in the second half, and I think the way started the third quarter gave them some confidence. Obviously we
are coming off of two great games. We’ve got to learn from this one. They are a great team, they are champions for a reason. We’ve
got to learn from it and be prepared for the next game. At the same time it’s a learning process for some of our young guys. We’ve got
to continue to grow and improve and look forward to Brooklyn.
On moving past a tough game…
To be honest, we are not even concerned about that. We’re taking it a game at a time. We focus on one game. Obviously this is over
now. You watch film, you grow and tomorrow we go back to the gym, we start studying Brooklyn. I think at the same time the NBA has
so many games. You play one the day after tomorrow and then you play another one. You have got to catch up fast and I think that is
the goal is for us. Focus on the next one and as our young guys continue to grow we are enjoying the process. We know what we want
to be and we are definitely working towards the right direction and we are going to continue to work and improve every single day.
MARVIN WILLIAMS (14 points, two blocks)
What did Toronto do in the third quarter to change the game?
I think they came out and asserted themselves. They imposed their will on us and we were never able to recover. Give those guys
credit. It’s a really good team. Obviously they are down a few men. They’ve been through the battles and they know what it takes to win
a basketball game. We’ve done well this far, but we are still learning. We will learn from this situation for the next time.
How do you have a short memory and come out against Brooklyn and be ready?
I think the biggest thing about an NBA season is that some nights you’re going to have nights like this and obviously you want to limit
those nights. You can’t dwell too hard on them. We have a lot of games coming up. Obviously you don’t want to play like that. I’m sure
we’ll watch film tomorrow and clean up some of the things we did wrong and focus on the next game. You’re disappointed because you
want to play better, especially against the better teams in the league, you can’t dwell on it for too long because we’ve got to keep looking forward.

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