LEAFS 6, WINGS 0 POSTGAME QUOTES: “We played our system and had a lot of fun out there. You can see we spent a lot of time in the o-zone and kind of carried that theme throughout the game so that was fun to be a part of.” –TYSON BARRIE (goal, assist).


On what he liked about tonight’s win:

I really liked how we started in the game. We came, won the faceoff, went down the ice and spent time down there right from the get-go, which was something we obviously wanted to do. In doing so, with that process, we got the puck to bounce our way a little bit early in the game and we got a hold of it. I didn’t like the second half of the first period, but the nature of the game being what it was – up 3-0, the long break, making the goaltender switch, all that kind of stuff – we didn’t respond well to that. At the start of the second period we went right at them again. We like that.

On improved play with the lead after the game in Colorado:

Two different games, but we did talk about that. We want to be a team that plays with the lead and we need to be able to learn how to play with the lead and be comfortable with the lead. I thought we did a good job of that today.

On if he knew what was going on when Detroit had to make the goaltender switch:

Yeah, the referees were great and talking to us. We had a bit of an indication prior to the game as well that there were some issues there with Bernier. We had a sense of what was going on. Obviously, we had to be patient with it. 


On the team’s effort tonight:

I thought we played well the whole game. We tried to keep the puck on our sticks as much as possible and I thought we did a hell of a job at that. The guys had the puck the whole second period it felt like and most of the game.

On the team’s three game winning streak:

Well, you see how much the skill shows. I think guys are playing really free and enjoying it a lot and making really good plays. I think the more we can have the puck, the better. Teams get tired out and you saw today we come out hot and score a bunch of goals. I think it’s hard to defend when you have that much skill and move it around that much.


On what he liked most about tonight’s game:

That was a start to finish, I think. That was a good game for us. We played our system and had a lot of fun out there. You can see we spent a lot of time in the o-zone and kind of carried that theme throughout the game so that was fun to be a part of.

On his goal tonight:

I kind of shot it and kind of thought it was a brutal shot and I think it caught a stick and went in. That’s a good feeling, for sure.


On his goals tonight:

For the first, I was just trying to be at the net, didn’t actually see anything and all of sudden the referee comes and pointed at the net. Then I see on the review that I put it in with my skate. The second goal was a nice pass by [Spezza]. He cuts into the middle and holds it and dragged the defence with him and passed to me and I was alone by the goalie and put it in.

On if he tried to not make a kicking motion on his first goal:

I didn’t know it was there. The defenceman came and hooked me up and I was just standing just trying to not fall down. I didn’t even know the puck was by my skate.

On if Nylander helped push the puck in:

He’s telling me he scored the goal but I don’t know if he even touched the puck at all.


On what was clicking for his line tonight:

I think we were able to get sustained pressure in the O-zone, shot pucks, got pucks back and just kept going at it. I think that was a big part of our game tonight. I think that was the way for all our lines tonight too, to be dominant.

On crashing the net for Johnsson’s goal:

Yeah, for sure, that was a crazy goal. I think Bernier was kind of out of the crease and we were just trying to push it in there and somehow it ended up in the net.

On who pushed the puck over the line, him or Johnsson:

To be honest, I saw the replay and I think his skate and my stick – the puck is in-between them and we are both pushing the puck in together. So, I don’t know how that goes.

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