Behind the Dream: Marcus Reyes is a relief pitcher from Vista, CA. He played at San Diego State University before being drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in 2017. Last season (2019), he played for the Class-A Lansing Lugnuts. — Ballpark Vibes

Q: What’s your favorite baseball movie? I’d probably say Major League because of the camaraderie they show in the movie and it’s just a bunch of misfits. They all ball out, but they are degenerates. It’s just a fun comedy baseball movie! Q: Who was your favorite team growing up? So, I had two favorite […]

Behind the Dream: Marcus Reyes — Ballpark Vibes

Q: Who was your favorite team growing up?

So, I had two favorite teams. Obviously the San Diego Padres, just because I’ve lived in San Diego County since I was about 2 years old. But when my parents moved over [to the United States] from Cuba, they lived in New York and New Jersey, like right near Yankee Stadium, so a lot of my family grew up as Yankee fans, so that just trickled down to me. So basically, I was a Yankee-Padres fan. (Sorry to the Blue Jay fans!)

Q: Who is your current favorite player and your all-time favorite player?

Current favorite player… that’s kinda tough because after being drafted and meeting a bunch of people, you just realize that we’re all the same. We’ve all been down the same road, but I’m most excited to see Vladdy Jr. Obviously he’s in my organization and he’s so young. The dude is an absolute stud! I just want to see what he’ll do in a full season and healthy. What he did in the minors is just unreal, so it will be cool to see what he does in the bigs. Also, Tatis Jr. too because of the Friar Faithful, bringing it back to Petco.

All-time favorite player… I’d have to say Andy Pettitte. Since I’m a left-handed pitcher and grew up a Yankees fan, plus I don’t throw hard or anything. When I started paying attention to baseball, Andy Pettitte when at the top of his career, was a high 80s to low 90s pitcher, he’s crafty and that kinda stuff just resonated with me. So definitely Andy or even Cliff Lee when he was with the Indians and Rangers. They’re just guys who went out there and used what they had to win.

Q: Who/what has been your biggest inspiration?

I’d have to say my parents. My dad was a third-world country farmer and my mom came from the city, but more factory kind of lifestyle. Coming here with nothing but the shirts on their back and a little bit of money. So their hard work and where they’ve gotten to now, inspired me to push myself to try and be successful in everything that I’ve done.

Q: How did you get into baseball?

Marcus with his mother and aunts

I feel like every parent goes through this phase where they want their child to play a sport when they are young just so they can do something. My mom just signed me up for tee-ball when I was 5. She just said to my dad, “hey, I want him to play some sports just to see if he likes anything,” and she just signed me up. It’s funny because my dad is a big baseball fan, but ultimately it was my mom who got me into baseball.

Q: What advice do you have for younger players?

Don’t worry about the results so much that it affects the process.

Q: What’s your warm-up song?

My walk-out song is “More Love” by Rebelution. I had to text my friend and former teammate, Danny Sheehan right before season because that was his walk-up song all throughout college. So asked him, “hey dude, is it cool if I walk out to your song? We’re boys and I love that song and I want to ask you first,” and he was cool with it. I think I’m going to ride with that song for as long as I play because I absolutely love that song!


Behind the Dream: Marcus Reyes — Ballpark Vibes

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