Reports: MLB submits detailed health plan to players in effort to play amid coronavirus — Press Telegram

If Major League Baseball players are to return to action this summer, they will be playing in an environment that looks significantly different from what they left in March. Aside from the expected diligent testing and temperature checks, the changes include everything from pitchers bringing their own baseballs to the bullpen, wearing masks in the…

Reports: MLB submits detailed health plan to players in effort to play amid coronavirus — Press Telegram

Mark Cuban Tells Story Of First Time Gambling With Michael Jordan —

As we’re without sports due to the coronavirus pandemic, all attention has been diverted to “The Last Dance,” the documentary series produced by ESPN about the legendary Michael Jordan. And part of his legend, the extent of the Jumpman’s gambling “hobby,” was the focus of the sixth episode, shocking some people to see the big…

Mark Cuban Tells Story Of First Time Gambling With Michael Jordan —

Tech billionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, can attest to that, and he did on Friday’s episode of “Pardon My Take.” Here’s what he had to say about one of the first times he got to hang out with Jordan, along with other stars of the NBA, NHL and pro tennis: It was a golf tournament in Reno, and I had never been to Reno. So, Charles Barkley says, “We’re going down to play Blackjack, so come on down.” And it was the craziest moment. So, there’s Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, Pete Sampras, Mario Lemieux, and me at this blackjack table. And I pull out 100 bucks, because, you know, I didn’t bring money. Jordan looks at me and goes, “What the (expletive)? You can’t play $100 at this table,” because he’s playing like $10,000 and Barkley’s playing $5,000. And (Jordan) goes to the casino guy … give Mr. Cuban a $1 million line of credit.  The casino guy goes, “Mr. Cuban, would you like a $1 million line of credit?” I’m like, “sure!” You know, I played 1,000 bucks a hand, which was like the most I had ever played at that point, and it was a blast. And then we ended up with Charles Barkley, we went to, with all the guys, actually, this party they had, and Charles literally bought 50 bottles of tequila and was handing them out, oh my god. One of the best party nights ever. Cuban said he walked out of the casino up that night, though only by two grand “or whatever like that.” Relative to his counterparts that wasn’t very much, but the story is priceless.

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Lakers plan to reopen practice facility, but for now Dwight Howard will stay in Georgia with family — Daily News

Dwight Howard, for one, won’t be on hand Saturday when the Lakers plan to reopen their practice facility, with the blessing of L.A. County health officials. On a limited basis, the team is expected to open their doors at the UCLA Health Training Center in El Segundo for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic…

Lakers plan to reopen practice facility, but for now Dwight Howard will stay in Georgia with family — Daily News

“I’m in Georgia right now,” Howard said Friday afternoon on a Zoom video conference with reporters. “Probably will stay here right now until everything is cleared up, until we can leave. I would love to go back to L.A. and start working out with the team and everything like that, but I’ve been training here and once everything opens up, then I can travel on to L.A. and start working.”
In accordance with those set forth by public health officials, the NBA has issued guidelines for teams that have begun reopening their training facilities for voluntary, social-distanced workouts:

• No more than four players will be permitted at a facility at any one time;
• No head or assistant coaches can participate;
• Group activity (including practices and scrimmages) remains prohibited;
• Players continue to be barred from using non-team facilities (such as public health clubs or fitness centers) to work out.
Howard — who is surrounded by family at his Georgia home as he grieves the loss of his son’s mother, Melissa Rios, a few weeks ago — said he and his teammates don’t have concerns about the NBA’s rules for returning. They’re most concerned with getting back to their championship chase, he said.

“I think everybody’s anxious to get back playing,” Howard said. “I think we’ve all felt like this was our season and this was our time. It’s more so everyone’s just anxious to play.”
As for how Howard feels about potentially playing at a single site, sans fans, as some have suggested?
“I want to go to L.A.,” said the 6-foot-10 showman, who famously feeds off the crowd’s energy. “I want to play in front of Laker Nation, that’s what I want to do. I don’t know how we could play a game without our fans, I don’t know how anybody could … it’s like that’s the energy — we feed off that, we feed off the crowd. Especially at home.”
Games without fans might most disadvantage the Lakers, considering widespread support they’re used to in every NBA city.
“Everywhere’s at home for us,” noted Howard, who was averaging 7.5 points, 7.4 rebounds and 1.2 blocks in fewer than 20 minutes per game when the season was suspended with the 49-14 Lakers sitting atop the Western Conference standings.
“When we’re hearing ‘Ko-be, Ko-be” or whatever we’re hearing, that gives us more energy. ….