Q. Mark Masters, TSN: What made it harder to generate offence tonight versus the first couple of games in this series?

Sheldon Keefe: I thought we had a real time stringing together two passes tonight.

Q. Mark Masters, TSN: What’s your sense of where Freddie Andersen’s game is at right now?

Sheldon Keefe: I didn’t think anybody had a good game for us tonight.

Q. Luke Fox, Sportsnet: Considering that Sheldon, are you going to look at lineup changes for tomorrow?

Sheldon Keefe:  We don’t have much flexibility at all to be able to make lineup changes within our roster with how it is. Not expecting many, no.

Q. Luke Fox, Sportsnet: Any chance Jack Campbell will be ready tomorrow?

Sheldon Keefe: I’m unsure, we’ll have to see. He wasn’t available today, that was the word I got. He remains day-to-day for us. 

Q. Lance Hornby, Toronto Sun: Can you talk about the three game series as a whole? They’re the first team to beat you in one of those sets. What challenges does Winnipeg present? Certainly, you’ve got them a few more times down the stretch.

Sheldon Keefe: Within the three games I think you saw different storylines and different parts of what was going on. They present unique challenges. I think, certainly, it’s as deep or the deepest forward group that we’ve seen in the division and they’ve got game breakers. You make mistakes, they make you pay for them. I don’t think in the first two games we made many mistakes, but when we did they capitalized. Obviously, goaltending was a strength of their games in the first two. Today we just didn’t have a good game. We weren’t sharp mentally, weren’t sharp physically, couldn’t get our game going. Credit to them and how they play. They forecheck hard, they had good sticks on puck and made it difficult on us, for sure, and again, they made good on their chances. We just weren’t even close tonight with how we played.  


Q. Luke Fox, Sportsnet: The Jets controlled the play more tonight than in the previous two games. What did you see them do differently tonight?

Frederik Andersen: That’s a good question. I didn’t really focus on what they were doing. I was trying to be in the moment and trying to play my game and obviously try to stop the puck. That’s not really something I focus on during the game. I just try to see whatever comes at me I’ll try to focus on that.

Q. Luke Fox, Sportsnet: How do you feel you played tonight?

Frederik Andersen: Not good enough to win. I think there were some good parts. The third goal I’d like back. I thought he was going to go upstairs with it and obviously he snuck it under me. That one hurt us but besides that, I think there were some good things but, like I said, not good enough to win.


Q. Lance Hornby, Toronto Sun: This series obviously was a good showdown against two very good teams. They’re the first team to beat you in a three game set. How do you feel about the entire series, how it went? Obviously, you’ve got these guys five or six more times this year.

Jake Muzzin: It obviously didn’t go the way we wanted. There are some areas in our game that we have to improve on and I think that would help in a segment like this with a hard checking team like that. We’ve got to be cleaner in our zone in breakouts. We spent too time in our zone and you’re fatigued and not able to get through the neutral zone as easily or as efficient as usual and we’re tired. Then our offensive game, it’s not as crisp or sharp. There’s areas to improve on.

Q. Lance Hornby, Toronto Sun: You’re not known for shorthanded goals, obviously. How did that one feel?

Jake Muzzin: It was nice to get one. Just saw an opportunity to get in the play and Mitch made a nice pass and found a way in the net. Nice to get one. 


Q. Lance Hornby, Toronto Sun: They’re the first team to beat you in a three-game set. What challenge did they present to you as far as chasing you down in the second half and you play them four or five more times?

Morgan Rielly: I think it’s more than that. I think we have them a bunch more times. I think it was bound to happen. We’ve been happy with how we’ve handled these extra game sets and we’ve managed to do all right. This one didn’t go our way and we’re obviously very aware of the standings. Where we are, where they are, we were aware of that going in. It’ll be interesting down the stretch. Like you said, we play them a bunch more times so it’s important that we enter those games prepared. We draw from these games, learn from them. Move forward and just get better.

Q. Mark Masters, TSN: What made it harder to generate offensive chances tonight?

Morgan Rielly: I think they did a good job. I don’t think they changed a lot. It was on us. I think the way that we managed the puck has to be better. I think as a D-corp, I don’t think it was our best game in terms of breaking out and creating flow that way. I think as a group we have to take responsibility a little bit for that. We just weren’t able to find our game and it was too little, too late. There was a stretch halfway through the game obviously where we got two goals, that’s important but it’s not enough.


Q. Mark Zwolinski, Toronto Star: Not the result you wanted. 21 shots on the board which is a little lower than you might expect from this team. Was it just tougher to get offence going tonight?

John Tavares: We just didn’t really seem to find our game consistently and generate momentum line after line or shift after shift. It wasn’t our best execution I don’t think. I don’t think we made it hard enough on their goalie and, saying that, we had a great opportunity going into the third. We’ve got to find a way to come on the right side of it and make the plays needed and obviously defend better than we did.

Q. Lance Hornby, Toronto Sun: A key three-game series, a lot of hockey left to play but how do you feel about matching up against Winnipeg over the course of this three-game series?

John Tavares: Well, results-wise obviously we came on the wrong end of it. First two games we generated a lot more than we did tonight. They’re a dangerous team, they’ve got a lot of depth. One of the best forward groups in the NHL. We played against some good goaltending. I don’t think today we tested their goalie enough and just didn’t end up on the right side of it. Not much time to really think about it. We’ve got to move forward and bounce back tomorrow.

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