Q: What did you see tonight?
“I think our guys competed at a much higher level here today. Unfortunately, it’s still not high enough.
You’re playing against the Carolina Hurricanes, I think they set the standard, really in the league, in that
regard. So despite the fact that we competed at a higher level today that was required in the game, it’s
still not to the level necessary to be able to compete with a team like that. I like the fight of our team,
obviously we scored first. I thought we stuck with our game even thought it was difficult. I mean, that’s the
hardest game we’ve played this season by a wide margin in terms of the pressure, in terms of how
difficult it is, in terms of how little time you have with the puck. It’s a different type of game we’ve played
this season but I thought our guys were in the fight all the way through it. We just made mistakes that
resulted in us getting scored on. They didn’t make those mistakes. I thought, at times, we gave too easy
access to our net, guys getting behind our defence, and we didn’t get the same access to their net.”
Q: What was your sense of the forward lines?
“This is a tough one to really analyze that, frankly, because of how difficult Carolina made it. I thought
there was times for sure – Tavares and Mitch, especially – I thought those guys moved around pretty
well. They got some pucks off the wall. Otherwise, a lot of the game was spent on the boards here
tonight. Not a whole lot of access to the middle of the ice so tough to really assess that. It was a difficult
game but I thought the lines competed. Each line, I thought, competed. Again, it just shows we’ve got
another level that we need to get to but like I said, I thought we were a lot better in a lot of areas tonight
than we have been the last couple of games but still not to the level necessary to compete with a team
like that the way we need to.”
Q: You guys had the lead… what gave it away?
“I just think just little things, like little breakdowns we had and they capitalized on them. I mean, I think the
effort that we had compared to the other night in Pittsburgh was a lot better but obviously not the result
that we wanted.”
Q: You said earlier it’s not the end of the world and you’re shutting it out anyways but what do
you do next?
“We put this one behind us and we move on to Chicago. Obviously we got plenty that we can take away
from this, we played a really good team tonight. Offence is hard to come with the way that they play. Like
I said not the result that we wanted but I think there’s things that we can take from a competitive stand
point that we can move forward with positively, but obviously losing sucks. Especially when you lose a
couple in a row it’s not great feeling but obviously for us we just want to clean up some aspects of our
game and put our heads down and just keep working.”
Q: What were your thoughts on the game? Better effort than the Pittsburgh game?
“I thought the effort was there. We had the lead in the game and you just have to build off the positives
right now as a team. We have a great group of guys in there and we believe in ourselves and we can get
out of this rut right now.”
Q: What’s been the biggest issue over the last couple of games?
“I don’t know. I think we just have to compete. We just have to believe, we have to believe in one another
and everyone loves each other in this room, this is such a close hockey team and if any team can do this
to get out of this rut we’re in, it’s us. We all believe that in that room and we’re looking forward to the next
Q: What were your thoughts on the game? Better effort than the Pittsburgh game?
“Better effort for sure. You have to give credit to them they’re a good team but obviously we expect more
out of ourselves in terms of winning hockey games. It’s always a work in progress and we’ll get back to
work tomorrow at practice and try to fix what we can and build off the effort and intensity.”
Q: What do you think is going less well to start the season for you guys?
“I think there’s a combination of factors. Obviously the Pittsburgh game you could point just at the
compete level wasn’t good enough. Other games we’re just falling a goal short here or there. Something
that Sheldon mentioned tonight was protecting the net front and something that other teams have been
doing better than we have recently so that will be something we will check out on video and try to make
improvements where we can.”
Q: What were your thoughts on the game? Better effort than the Pittsburgh game?
“I thought we came out and played hard. Carolina has a great team over there. Definitely one of the top
teams in the league and I thought we stayed right with them. I just think I have the ability to make those
three saves and we get out of here with two points.”
Q: What makes them such a tough team?
“All three zones they’re great and they play fast and they have a lot of skill and they’re playing well.”

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