PASCAL SIAKAM: “I don’t know how many threes they had, like twenty something (20), that’s too much and we are definitely not happy about that. We can definitely do a better job on defence and just run them off the three-point line, especially the guys we know are shooting.”





On the 28 assists this game … Yeah, I thought the offence was great … They kept taking what was there, and you’re right (team assists were) 28. I think it was real high early, so that’s a good sign. That was one of our better offensive nights. There was no real lulls, and the ball (was) sticking very much tonight.

On tonight’s game … They were hard to get rid of. I can’t count how many times we got up eight, nine, and then they hit a three … They hit 20 threes. That’s a lot. …. Little bit imbalanced last game and not getting the gaps closed down. Tonight we got the gaps closed down a little better and didn’t spring back out to the shooters, so the defence is a work in progress. We have to combine those two things a little better in a game.

What area of OG Anunoby’s game have you seen the most growth in? I just think he’s looking like more of a complete player now. There’s some shooting there that looks not hesitant at all, and it’s almost like when he’s open, you’re expecting him to make them, like all of them now, which is great. There’s good cutting, there’s a little bit of driving, there’s usually one a game where he gets in the lane and steals it, and he’s off the other way. He’s grown and doing a lot of things. He’s blocking shots here and there, getting his hand in off the drive here and there, so he’s had some good ones this year.

How would you access Pascal Siakam on fouls? He was good. He seemed a little bit not aggressive, kind of, in general, I thought, both offensively and defensively. Maybe it was a little bit of a foul situation on his mind maybe too much, but he did a good job tonight. He committed one foul. That’s going to get his average down.

PASCAL SIAKAM (23 points, 13 rebounds, five assists)

On having only one personal foul tonight … I mean, I have to be more ready. It’s something that I have to work on and I’ll eventually get better. I’m learning every single day, so it’s a good experience for me.

How important was the bench play tonight? We need that, we need everyone and just bringing the energy up a little bit. We didn’t win like we wanted to today, but we got the win and that’s all that matters.

On team’s defensive play tonight … I don’t know how many threes they had, like twenty something, that’s too much and we are definitely not happy about that. We can definitely do a better job on defence and just run them off the three-point line, especially the guys we know are shooting. So it’s part of it, learning, and obviously it’s better learning with a win, so we’ll go back and look at that and make sure we get better next game.

On your third quarter scoring … I try to be aggressive, just seeing what the defence is giving me. I always want to be in attack mode regardless, but I think just coming out of timeouts and making sure that the first five minutes we put some pressure on the other team and play fast, transition, try to do whatever we can just to make sure we come out with some energy.

FRED VANVLEET (12 points, five assists, two rebounds)

On tonight’s game … It’s good for us, it’s good practice. It’s a tough team and they are playing well and they gave us their all. We knew that we were going to have our hands full. Obviously we probably could have given ourselves more space and comfort in terms of scoring, but they made plays and we had to keep fighting and close them out.

On the amount of threes made by Sacramento tonight … I don’t know how many of those were contested, but not enough for us, so a lot of breakdowns, falling asleep and they did a good job of finding guys. They’ve got explosive guys, so you can’t give them too many looks, but we weathered it and we were able to come out with a win. We will take it.

KYLE LOWRY (24 points, six assists, two rebounds)

When a team hits that many threes, how much is it them getting hot or defensive miscues? Miscues, a lot of miscues, but they made shots. You give them credit – they made the shots when they had the opportunity. A lot of misreads and a lot of miscommunication, but we have to continue to get better and grow as a team. We take the win, and figure it out and get better.

On the play of OG Anunoby … I think he’s just getting repetitions. I think just getting repetitions again on the floor and I think he’s just going to continue to grow. I think right now he’s playing his role and doing what we are asking him to do, and he’s doing it at a high level right now.

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