TOR – Luke Singh 7’

VAN – Cristian Dájome 55’ (PK)

VAN – Andy Rose 70’ (Cristián Gutiérrez)

TFC – Jonathan Osorio 83’


VAN – Cristián Gutiérrez 6’ (caution)

TFC – Michael Bradley 64’ (caution)

TFC – Omar González 70’ (caution)


Toronto FC                                0-1-1    1 point

Vancouver Whitecaps FC1-1-0    4 points


TORONTO FC – Alex Bono; Richie Laryea, Omar González, Luke Singh, Auro Jr. (Jacob Shaffelburg 61’); Michael Bradley (C), Nick DeLeon (Jonathan Osorio 61’), Marky Delgado, Noble Okello (Ayo Akinola 78’), Jayden Nelson (Justin Morrow HT); Patrick Mullins (Jozy Altidore 61’)

Substitutes Not Used: Quentin Westberg, Eriq Zavaleta, Griffin Dorsey, Tsubasa Endoh

VANCOUVER WHITECAPS FC – Maxime Crépeau; Jake Nerwinski, Ranko Veselinović, Andy Rose, Cristián Gutiérrez; Déiber Caicedo (Derek Cornelius 87’), Janio Bikel (Caio Alexandre 75’), Michael Baldisimo (Bruno Gaspar 87’), Russell Teibert (C); Cristian Dájome (Ryan Raposo 90’+4’), Lucas Cavallini

Substitutes Not Used: Thomas Hasal, Evan Newton, Javain Brown, Patrick Metcalfe, Theo Bair


  • Luke Singh scored his first career MLS goal.
  • Jonathan Osorio has now scored in all nine seasons he has played with TFC (2013 – 2021)
  • Result marks Chris Armas’ first MLS point as head coach of Toronto FC.


Q. I’m guessing those are two goals coming I guess from set pieces you think perhaps should not have been conceded. What were your thoughts about the goals that the team gave up today and also the overall performance?

Yeah, look, the players have put so much work into everything we’re doing around here that on a day like today where they come out, and against a team that’s coming off a big win against Portland, we get the lead, and now we feel like we’re in a pretty good situation. We just have to keep pushing the game and try to get that second goal, while we’re trying to mitigate counterattacks and set pieces. We knew this was their strength on the day.

So, yeah, I’d love for the players, all of us, just to get rewarded on the day, for the work, the way they showed up on the day but that’s not the case. Yeah, when you defend deep and you defend in a low block, let’s say, certain things become really important and now we talk about control in part of the field, really controlling our actions while we’re still stepping to plays.

Yeah, it’s disappointing that that one, yeah, for sure, a free kick set play, the other is a penalty, but yeah, that doesn’t — that makes it — that makes it hard to sit with us. So the good news is the guys made a real push at the end. They made a real push to get back into the game and maybe we leave on somewhat of a positive there.

Q. How nice was it for you to be able to put in Osorio, Akinola and Altidore, and what did you think of the way that they helped turn the game around for you guys to have that push? 

I think they added something for sure. It’s good. It’s a big step for us. You know, Jozy back out there. Pat’s done a nice job but having Jozy as an option, there it’s a big step for him and our team.

Also, Singh, right, when he’s on the pitch, the football up the field gets easier. He’s able to bring people in and to understand the final third with quality, and you know, he’s going to — he’s going to keep pushing forward and help — help that part of thing.

Ayo, it’s been awhile, so we have to be thrilled that he’s back on the pitch being dangerous. He had a couple of good moments, even a near post run that’s really close.

The other one I would add is Jacob. Jacob’s shown he’s growing and he’s dangerous and he offered us speed on the flank. I think it’s a big plus for us. It’s still early in our season and we’re bringing — we’re talking about getting stronger each — each day, really, as guys come back in. On that note, it’s a positive and we thought all those guys helped make a real push at the end.

Q. Couple of big goals, Luke Singh scores his first as a professional, and Jonathan Osorio, goal. What are your reactions seeing the ball bounce around? Ever see a more beautiful goal?

Yeah, look, we talk a lot about urgency. Urgency on the pitch and none more than in each box. Specifically, that, call it 18 by 20, right. That 18 out, 20 yards wide. Can we have, you know, reactions to defend goals with more urgency, and that showed up on some plays today, although we set ourselves down in a few moments.

But on the attacking end, to think about the second ball, really anticipating and for that, it’s great. When it’s in the bounds, that shows that guys are hungry to score and anticipating and, you know, thrilled for those guys, especially Luke, getting his first in just his second game, right.

Q. Last week you talked about how the team just kind of came up second throughout the match, whether it was in tackles, duels, addles, whatever, just came up second the entire game. Just wondering today what you saw. Was it better on that front today?

It was better. We showed up on the day. The guys competed for sure. We saw a team on the front foot from the beginning. Right away we earn a corner kick in the first 20 seconds of the match. We’re pushing, in the run of play, we are fairly organized, and they get through a few times, you know, with you against Vancouver, it’s always about transition, right. So with Cavallini, and up the pitch Dajome, these guys are just good in transition, with Caicedo coming in, it challenges us if we want to play in the opposition’s half.

So that’s not a lack of intensity. It’s not a lack of focus. It’s just dealing with transition. And I’ll tell you what if we’re better with the ball up the field, of course counter pressing is something we rely on to win the ball back, but we had a lot of cheap giveaways up the field. So that stresses the back line.

No, I think the intensity, the approach to the game, the first goal, the way we pushed at the end showed we were up for it today. We just have to be sharper.

Q. Congratulations on your first point with Toronto FC.

Thank you.

Q. What happened there at the end? It seemed like tempers sort of flared or after the final whistle. Do you know what happened there? It seemed Teibert was upset. What did Marc say to you after the game was over?

We wished each other well. You know, I congratulated them on a good start to the season. He wished us well in the Champion’s League. It was just, you know, a warm coming together there. In terms of players, you’d have to ask them. You know, it’s a competitive game. Sometimes these games end like this, but it’s nothing much to talk about, I don’t think. 

Q. It’s early in the season, you started along this path towards a new style in the preseason. Only four games under your belt, it’s a long journey to developing a new style but how far along the path to your vision are you seeing this club right now?

It’s early. It’s early for our team. Again, we’ve talked about some of our challenges physically early on. You can see we’re slowly getting fitter; we’re getting — the sharpness is going to come. I think you all tell me all the time, you know, asking about the Mavingas, the Jozys, the Pozuelos. It’s all going to come together.

What I do see and what I love most is a major commitment to what we are doing, and I see that because I know it poses challenge for us if we are going to play with intensity and be aggressive and stepping into plays and playing up the pitch, it sometimes leads to fouls and it leads to transition moments. I see a big commitment every day from these players and the entire staff. The whole crew here, it makes me happy, a couple of months in that we are — I think that we are playing more vertical. I think we are playing with more intensity and we are able to score and in the run of play we are not giving up a ton, even against Leon. We had some big challenges early on, some good opposition. Yeah, we’ve got to get back to work. There’s a lot of work to do. We’re early on in the process and we’ll get back to work starting tomorrow.


Q. Tell us about the goal you scored, one of the stranger ones imagine. How did it come to you?

Deflection, I have to see the replay, but I think it was Michael who tried to whip in a ball, and then it got deflected. I think one of their players tried to clear it, and I think maybe the spin on it, I don’t know, they had trouble with it and it ended up, you know, coming to me luckily and I just tried to get it on net as quick as possible. I actually didn’t hit it the best, but luckily it had enough to kind of, you know, I guess put the keeper off balance. Lucky enough the ball had the spin to get away from him and go in the net.

Q. Tell us how nice it felt to get back on the field again and maybe a thought on what you think of the new coach’s style of play and how your team is adapting to it?

Yeah, of course I think it’s great to be back on the pitch. The guys have seen how much it always bothers me when I’m not able to be available for the guys and try to help them. And also, after such a long time without playing, to wait a little bit longer because of injury, it was tough. But you know, I got myself right, and credit to the staff for helping me out and everything, you know, for little bumps in the road that happens in football, but I’m back and I’m happy for that.

As far as the coach’s playing style, I think we’re all bought in. We are all bought in. We believe in it, his philosophy. It’s going to take, you know, a little bit of time for us to really start getting it right. I think to think it’s going to go perfect from the first couple games would be, you know, naïve to think.

So we are learning about ourselves each game and learning more about how to impose ourselves in this — in this system, and you know, game by game, we are only going to get better.

Q. Big moment for Luke Singh early in the match, his first goal as a professional. Do you take a moment in that split second there to say something to him and what have you thought of the young guys stepping up and contributing early in this year?

Yeah, I think it’s great for the coaches putting faith and giving these young guys chances in really big games. You saw them play in the Champion’s League getting good results, and then to start the season, it’s great for the kids. They are only going to learn every time they step on the pitch. They are only going to get better and for Luke, he’s done so well for a guy that has been patient, patiently waiting for his time, and he was with us for — while we were in Hartford last year, and it’s paying off, his patience, and working, his work ethic. You know, amazing to see a young kid like that get his first goal in only his third game, I think.

He’s got a bright future as well as all these other young players on our team. I think we are all very excited to see where their careers — how far they can go.

Q. Curious from your perspective what you saw from Vancouver today in terms of they went down early but then battled back nicely and had you guys on the back foot a little bit. What did they do right to make things uncomfortable for you?

Welcome back, John. Good to have you back with us.

Vancouver, this is a team that believes in themselves, and you saw that last game, last week getting the win, and this is a team that’s ran on confidence, I think. This is a fresh start for them I think, and they are riding that. You saw that in the game, going down a goal, they didn’t stop. They kept going, and yeah, I think we’re going to see a different Vancouver this season and credit to them.

But nonetheless, I still think that our team feels that we should have come out from this game for a lot more. I don’t think we’re satisfied with only getting a point.

Q. Quick turnaround. How do you switch your focus?

Very easily, now we put our focus on them. They either played today or play later today, I’m not sure. I know they play today, so we are going to have to watch that game and see, you know, kind of plan for them and see what we are up against. We know we are up against a really big opponent, really big team in México, a team that’s doing very well in the League. You know, it’s going to be a tough match, but something this club is always up for. It’s competition. It puts out, you know, great games and great quality, and you’re always putting out against the best in the continent, and as a player, that’s the kind of games that you want to be a part of.

So, easy. We put this to the side now for now and we look forward to Tuesday starting now.

Q. It was pretty hot from what we understand. Are you used to the heat and humidity, or is it still difficult conditions to play in?

I don’t think you can ever get used to the heat totally. Are we — I think now it’s not like — it’s not really a shock for us when we play. We’ve trained in temperatures like today now. But the heat is the heat and it’s going to affect your body. It’s not really the same as, you know, as if you train in altitude for a long time. It’s a little bit different.

So the heat is the heat. It is what it is. It’s not an excuse, and I think little by little, we will mentally and physically be stronger to cope with whatever the temperature is.


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