TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS (24-10-3 – 51 Points) at
NEW YORK RANGERS (26-10-4 – 56 Points)
1 2 3 FINAL
TORONTO 3 0 0 3

NEW YORK 1 2 3 6

  • Ilya Mikheyev scored for Toronto at 2:44 of the first period. Mikheyev recorded his sixth goal of the season. Mikheyev has posted six goals through his last seven games.
  • Mitch Marner scored on a Maple Leafs power play opportunity at 3:30 of the first period. Marner recorded his eighth goal of the season. Marner also posted the secondary assist on Bunting’s goal. Marner registered his 17th assist of the season. Marner has posted four points through his last two
    games (2G, 2A).
  • Michael Bunting scored for Toronto at 17:50 of the first period. Bunting recorded his ninth goal of the season. Bunting is currently on a five-game point streak where he has recorded five points (2G, 3A).
  • Pierre Engvall posted the primary assist on Mikheyev’s goal. Engvall registered his ninth assist of the season. Engvall has posted three assists through his last two games.
  • William Nylander recorded the primary assist on Marner’s power play goal. Nylander posted his 21st assist of the season. With the assist, Nylander posted his 300th career NHL point.
  • John Tavares registered the secondary assist on Marner’s power play goal. Tavares posted his 21st assist of the season. Tavares has recorded a point in back-to-back games (1G, 1A).
  • Auston Matthews posted the primary assist on Bunting’s goal. Matthews recorded his 16th assist of the season. Matthews is currently on a six-game point streak where he has posted eight points (5G, 3A).
    SHOTS ON GOAL (5-on-5 in brackets)
    1st 2nd 3rd TOTAL
    TORONTO 11 (9) 10 (6) 17 (11) 38 (26)
    NEW YORK 7 (5) 11 (11) 9 (7) 27 (23)
    SHOT ATTEMPTS (5-on-5 in brackets)
    1st 2nd 3rd TOTAL
    TORONTO 20 (15) 17 (12) 26 (18) 63 (45)
    NEW YORK 8 (6) 18 (18) 23 (18) 49 (42)
  • The Maple Leafs are 10-6-2 on the road this season.
  • Toronto’s all-time record is 289-224-95-12 in 620 games against the New York Rangers and 120-130-
    56-5 in 320 games played in New York.
  • Toronto is 11-6-1 against the Eastern Conference this season and 4-4-1 against the Metropolitan
    Division this season.
    Shots 7 (Tavares)
    Shot Attempts 9 (Tavares)
    Faceoff Wins 11 (Tavares)
    Faceoff Win Percentage 100% (Engvall – 1 won, 0 lost)
    Hits 2 (Dermott, Simmonds, Biega, Mikheyev)
    Blocked Shots 3 (Liljegren, Brodie)
    Takeaways 2 (Matthews)
    TOI 27:19 (Rielly)
    Power Play TOI 4:59 (Matthews)
    Shorthanded TOI 3:29 (Rielly)
    Shifts 26 (Rielly, Brodie)
    5-on-5 Shot Attempt Percentage 75.00% (Mikheyev – 15 for, 5 against)
  • The Maple Leafs were 1-for-4 on the power play and 2-for-2 on the penalty kill tonight.
  • Toronto is 17-3-1 when scoring the first goal of the game.
  • The Maple Leafs are 14-2-1 when leading after one period and 4-1-2 when tied after two periods.
  • Toronto is 15-6-2 when outshooting their opponent.
  • The Maple Leafs are 6-2-0 in Wednesday games.
    OF NOTE…
  • Morgan Rielly and TJ Brodie were on the ice for a team-high 18 Toronto shot attempts-for at 5-on-5.
  • Ilya Mikheyev finished the game with a team-high 5-on-5 shot attempt percentage of 75.00 percent
    (15 for, 5 against).
    Jan. 22 Leafs at New York Islanders UBS Arena 7:00 pm ET
    Jan. 26 Leafs vs. Anaheim Scotiabank Arena 7:00 pm ET
    Jan. 29 Leafs at Detroit Little Caesars Arena 7:00 pm ET
    Jan. 31 Leafs vs. New Jersey Scotiabank Arena 7:30 pm ET
    Feb. 1 Leafs at New Jersey Prudential Center 7:00 pm ET
    Feb. 7 Leafs vs. Carolina Scotiabank Arena 7:00 pm ET

    On tonight’s game:

    “Yeah I thought we obviously did have a very good start to the game. We’ve had a lot of really good starts to games here of late. Obviously, it’s been the finish that hasn’t gone well or the second half of games hasn’t gone well. Tonight maybe a fast start ended up working against us, I don’t know because I just
    thought we just played the game as though it was going to be really easy the rest of the way and paid for it.”
    On his concern regarding developing patterns over the past few weeks:
    “In the previous games, I thought it was different. Today I just thought we played soft and we made poor decisions defensively and we couldn’t sort anything out. I just thought it was far different. Each game has been different so it’s hard to talk about patterns other than the obvious in that we’ve been giving up leads but I just thought we got exposed today for being a team that was soft and purposeless and just playing the game and just hoping it was going to work out but we were missing important people tonight, on defence in particular so our team game had to be very solid and purposeful and try to make life easier for our defenceman and our goaltender and we didn’t do that nearly enough. Because of our good start we were in a position to get at least a point out of this game here tonight. We get two breakaways in the third
    period and if we score on either of those (John Tavares) has a really good look on a pass from below the goal-line, if those go in then in changes the result of the game but it doesn’t change how we play and how we played was not nearly good enough. I didn’t think we had anybody that played well tonight, coaches
    didn’t coach well tonight, so today is a much different game than we’ve played in the others where we’ve given up leads and such. I just didn’t think we had nearly enough urgency or purpose.”
    On tonight’s game:

    “I think our first was good. We were moving the puck, we were moving our feet, we weren’t being too pretty with it. I think in the second we took our foot off the gas and it’s becoming too much and it’s becoming something that we really need to stop doing and fix because this wasn’t something that we
    were doing at the start of the year and even before this whole break and everything kind of happened. Second periods we just have to make sure we are dialed in. We get these leads and then go into the second and think it’s just going to be an easy 40 minutes and everything is coming to bite us in the butt
    and we just have to make sure that we don’t lose the game plan that we come in with that makes us successful, that’s something that is kind of slipping on us right now and we have to make sure that we dial it back in and I’m sure we will dial that in.”
    On which circumstances have contributed to the team’s lapses during games:
    “I don’t know, it’s hard to kind of pinpoint that but it probably doesn’t help much really taking all that time off and playing in front of no fans. It’s just something that’s hard to pinpoint at the moment but like I said
    at the start of the year, even before the break, we were a team that never gave up and never stopped. I don’t think that we are doing but it’s something that I think we are getting away from is just playing the same way that we are in the first 20 and trying to start playing all this pretty game and trying to make too many plays and trying to take it back every time and setting things up and going up the ice. I think we just have to stick to our game plan of going quick up if we have the opportunity, getting pucks in and keeping away from their goalie and making sure our forecheck is on point. I think that’s something also got away from us tonight a little bit and when we’re forechecking well we’re getting pucks back and we’re making it
    hard on other teams.”
    On tonight’s game:

    “The game overall, we had a pretty good first period. I think we were moving the puck decently well. We came out of the period with a lead and we didn’t have a good second or third period, that’s happened a lot over the last couple games here and that’s something we need to clean up for sure. For me too, I think I
    was on for three goals that we let in so that’s obviously not good. I need to watch the game afterwards and clean some stuff up obviously, as every game, so I’m looking forward to the next one and try to look at things that I can clean up and move forward from it so just looking forward to next game.”
    On taking on a greater role in Jake Muzzin’s absence:
    “Well first off we miss (Muzzin) out there for sure. He’s a huge part of our team so we miss him for sure but at the same time, that’s when other guys need to step up and do stuff that maybe can fill in for missing a key player on our team but I’m looking forward to it for sure. I think me and (Timothy Liljegren)
    we know what we can do out there. Even if I play with him or with Dermott or anyone, we know what we are capable of doing. As I said, we’re just going to clean some stuff up from today and move forward from it and looking forward to next game.”
    On tonight’s game:

    “I thought we were bringing our game early, we had a really good first period. We responded after their first goal pretty quick and got that two-goal lead back and then we just let them back in the game in the
    second and we didn’t bring it in the third. We have to bring a little bit more urgency. We’re a good team and we can’t be letting other teams come back into games like that. We believe in one another and we believe in our ability and we just kind of have to move on from this game.”
    On what Mitch Marner brings off the ice:
    “Yeah, Mitch is the kind of guy that is talking all the time. He’s always in the mix with everybody and he definitely brings a lot of energy into the locker room every single day. He’s a fun guy to be around off the
    ice and he’s a fun guy to play with on the ice. Exactly what he brings on the ice is exactly is pretty much the energy he brings off the ice.”
    On tonight’s game:

    “Just not good enough.”
    On what Mitch Marner brings off the ice:

    “He’s such a special part of our team. The way he plays out there, he’s buzzing around and creating so many chances and doing such a great job in the d-zone. He’s the same way off the ice where he’s getting all his teammates involved and he loves his teammates, loves asking how your day is going. He’s a special person and a special leader for our group and he means the world to us.”

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